New Features on My Page

So I’m always trying to improve things for you all on this here little website of mine!  The latest and greatest addition can be found over on my printable coupons page!

I have just updated my, and in addition to printing great coupons, you can now load your story loyalty/savings card, get exclusive store coupon codes and find recipes all in one spot!

Loading your store loyalty/savings card

Rather than print out coupons, why not save them to your store loyalty or savings card.  It takes just a second to register your card, and then you can get it loaded up with the coupons offered on the page.  When you checkout at the store, the coupon amount will automatically be deducted from your total!

Exclusive Coupon Codes

You can also search for exclusive coupon code and discounts for hundreds (probably thousands) of online retailers.  Before you buy anything online, be sure to search for special deals, discounts and codes! 

Remember, it’s all about spending less of your hard earned dollars!

So hop on over there and check out these cool new “one stop saving” features!!!

And while you’re there…be sure to print off any coupons you may need.  Today is the last day of the month and many there will vanish into thin air before tomorrow!


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