New Features for 2011 on $5 Dinners

So I’ll be introducing a few new features here on $5 Dinners for 2011.  Not 300, as the image suggests. I’d never sleep!

In addition to the regular weekly features that you are familiar with, I’ll be adding 5 new features.

Regular Features

New Features

1. Drugstore Food Deals – I’ll be adding a weekly feature that highlights the great deals on food products from the different national drugstores.  It will not include household items or toiletries. Some weeks there may be quite a few items, other weeks there may be very little. I’m hoping to raise awareness about shopping at the drugstores to help you spend less on groceries each month.

2. What to Make When… – Once a week, I’ll be featuring a number of recipes that use a particular ingredient like pork chops, or broccoli, or chicken breasts. It will quickly become a great resource to help you decide what to make when X is on sale at your grocery store.

3. Kitchen Shortcuts – I’ll be featuring a few kitchen shortcuts each month, similar to the quick thawing concept I shared in December!

4. Organic and Natural Deals and Coupons – Once or twice a month, I’ll be letting you know about the latest and greatest deals and coupons for organic and natural products!

5. 5 Ways – A new series…I’ll just leave it at that!

There you have it!

I’m committed to bringing you quality content that will help you spend less on groceries, stay ahead of yourself with meal planning and show you how to spend as little time as possible finding the best coupons and deals on healthy, wholesome ingredients and food!

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  1. Debra says

    Deals on organics and natural foods would be great! I’m Diabetic and try to use all natural and organic foods whenever I can but very rarely do any of those items come up in a good deal. And the closest Whole Foods store is about 50 miles away in the middle of downtown Houston so thats out. Thanks for all the things you do to make our lives better. Planning for my spring garden right now and cant wait to start planting.

  2. Mary E.S. says

    I have a freezer full of pork and am finding very few recipes for pork,especially ground pork.I will be glad to see some pork recipes on your site along with all the other new features.

  3. Karen says

    I have a copy of your $5 Dinner and just fixed my first recipe (enhanced!): Potato Pizza Pie for my celiac husband. Delighted about the new “organics” addition.

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