Fast Five Meals

Around here, we talk a.lot. about saving time and money in the kitchen. One effective way to do this is have a list of your “fast five meals”…meals that you can prepare in less than 15 minutes and less time that it takes to heat up a frozen pizza or have one delivered! You’ll save yourself lots and lots and lots of $$$ by not caving for takeout.

Here’s my list of fave 5 meals…each of which can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry

Takes less than 15 minutes to load up at breakfast time. Dinner is waiting for you at 6 pm!

Pizza Penne Bake

Have this on the table just a few minutes after you’ve got the pasta cooked!

Slow Cooker Mango Chicken with Zucchini

Another healthy and balanced meal that takes minutes to get started in the slow cooker. Chop, load, cook.

Sausage Eggwiches

Get 2 skillets going at once…one for the sausage, one for frying the eggs…chop up some fruit and you’ve got dinner on the table in 15 minutes! And who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?!

Spicy Chicken Chili

Who knew soup with so much flavor could be made in 15 minutes or less?

Other Fast Five Meal Ideas

Find other fast and inexpensive meal ideas on One Dish Dinners, or in the $5 Dinners Recipe Index. And please, share your favorite Fast 5 Meals with the Savings Nation community!

Happy Spending Less Time and Money on Dinner, y’all!



  1. stelliestessa says

    By sausages do you mean burger patties, as in a flat circle of minced meat? Checking because sometimes languages do odd things across the atlantic/equator:-) the recipe sounds good (i replaced most sauces with dijon mustard. You need very little so its rel. inexpensive and much healthier^_^) thank you!

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