Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit & Goodie Bag – Holiday Giveaway


So last week I was in Altanta for less than 24 hours…18 hours really…just enough time to sleep, wake up, get dressed, film a news segment and head back to the airport. Anywho, I packed my favorite teal sweater as I knew it would be cold in Atlanta that day and thankfully also grabbed a few things from the Hollywood Fashion Secrets goodie bag that was sitting on the shelf in my closet. Specifically the “lint removing sheets” from the Emergency Kit, and the Sweater Saver from the goodie bag.

It was one of those…throw and go kind of packing sessions. I wasn’t there long, didn’t need a ton so there was plenty of room to just dump things into the bag and head to the airport.

I’m not one to fuss to much of fashion or how I look…until you plop me in front of a TV camera…and well, I start to fret about things like hair flyaways, eye makeup smudges…and the pills on my sweater. All over my sweater. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found the Sweater Saver in my bag as I sure did need it that morning in Atlanta. It was so easy to remove the pills, as I didn’t have much time to get ready and had no intention of picking each one off with my fingers!

The Fashion Emergency Kit and other goodies from Hollywood Fashion Secrets sure does come in handy…for travel, for prevention (hello, stain removing wipes!) and for any other fashion faux paux that needs attention. At just $15, the Fashion Emergency kit is a great and unique gift idea for the fashionista in your life!

(Just $12.18 on Amazon at time of writing this!)

We’re giving away this Fashion Emergency Kit along with a number of other popular products from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. The goodie bag will have everything you need for any fashion emergencies and faux paux preventions! Here’s all that is included in this giveaway:

  • Hollywood Fashion Tape – Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ most popular item – the original fashion tape and highest quality!
  • Fashion Tape Shapes – This tape delivers extreme hold for the most elegant holiday attire such as embellished and sequined fabrics.
  • Silicone Cover Ups – A best selling product, these cover ups deliver an even contour perfect for going braless or to “de-perkify.”
  • Bra Converting Clip – Clips allow you to create your own racer-back bra to hide peek-a-boo straps. Added bonus: they lift breasts and create cleavage in the process!
  • Deodorant Removing Sponge – Quickly remove deodorant marks,pet hair and makeup powder from the LBD with this magical, reusable foam sponge.
  • Sweater Saver – This 100% natural long-lasting pumice stone quickly and safely removes pilling from wool sweaters, coats or blankets, as well as from synthetic knits. Couple it with a throw for a great holiday gift.
  • Eye Make Up Corrector Swabs (NEW PRODUCT!) – These cotton swabs offer precise touch-ups that cotton balls or wipes can’t master. The swabs contain a Vitamin E & Aloe Vera formula. Snap the swab stick and touch up make-up while applying and for quick on-the-go touch ups.
  • Nail Polish Corrector Swabs (NEW PRODUCT!) – These cotton swabs offer precise touch-ups that cotton balls or wipes can’t master. The swabs contain a soy-base, acetone-free nail polish remover. Snap the swab stick and correct manis and pedis with ease.
  • Fashion Emergency Kit – great gift at just $15. Includes all you need to prevent or fix a fashion emergency. Great for upcoming resort season travel too!

Find more information about Hollywood Fashion Secrets on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can also find a list of stores where these products are available here.

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  1. Melissa K says

    I spilled coffee on my lap on my way to work–naturally I needed to be there and had no way out–I had to re-tell everyone I saw “its coffee”…ugh, horrid!

  2. latanya says

    embarrassing moment was leaving the bathroom with some of the back of my dress tucked in my underwear

  3. Julie says

    i love using their sticky tabs to close any gaps in my button down shirts – that always seems to happen to me!

  4. Candace says

    My biggest fashion emergency was splitting a seam in the back of my dress at work. Sitting at my desk with a sewing kit and my dress twisted around putting it back together…

  5. Connie says

    I guess my biggest fashion disaster would have been realizing that my buttons had popped on my shirt and not realizing it until too late.

  6. Holly F says

    Wednesday night supper at church – went to restroom and came out with my skirt tucked into my pantyhose

  7. Rebecca L. says

    This happened when I was a small girl but it still embarrasses me. I went to the restroom and tucked my skirt into my tights….and we sat up close to the front. Ugh!

  8. says

    My bra strap is always sticking out and sometimes falling down. So irritating!! I think the Bra Converting Clip would be a lifesaver for me.

  9. Tabathia B says

    Probably bending down and my underwear showing or bra strap peeking out

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com