Farmer’s Market – July 15

Give me $20 bucks and here’s what I’ll come up with at the farmer’s market!

I first stopped at the all natural meat, chicken and pork stand…picked up a pound of chorizo!  I’ve browned it and added it to some breakfast tacos! It was certainly the most pricey item I got at the market, but it’s part of the baby steps I’m making towards incorporating more natural products and ingredients into our diets and budget!

I got a great deal on the yellow squash…just $.50 squash, as well as the $.15 picked that morning silver corn…my favorite (which went straight into the freezer), and some $.99/lb tomatoes.  The green peppers were 3/$1!!!

I also grabbed some rhubarb for $4/bunch.  (I’m thinking I’ll get some into the garden for next year!)

And I couldn’t help but get some baked goodies for the boys and Steve!

I’m looking forward to finding a few more good deals at this week’s farmer’s market in town!  Gonna see what we can find for $10…I think!


  1. Angie says

    Just to let you know about the rhubarb. I was told (and tried to grow) that it doesn’t produce anything for a year or two so keep that in mind. I am lucky my garden in producing enough squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers that I am able to share with neighbors and stay away from spending money at the produce stand. Can’t wait for my melons to ripen.

  2. Bobbie says

    I visited my local farmer’s market yesterday for the first time in a while. I found tons of food with the Kroger stickers still on them! Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

  3. Kristin says

    Oh goodness, YES, plant rhubarb, it will grow like a weed and you can eliminate the $4 cost. Freeze it in vacuum seal bags. When ready to use let drain overnight to eliminate alot of the juice.

  4. says

    Great buys! I shop at one of the farmers market in our area every week. We have several but the one we frequent focuses on organically-grown veggies, grass-fed and pastured meats. Since I’m a regular and have developed a rapport with several farmers I buy from frequently, I sometimes get discount prices and free produce! Got a free sprite melon this past weekend!

    Mary Ellen

  5. says

    I’m so jealous of your corn deal. Our farmers market was charging .50 and .60 cents an ear! And they weren’t very big and the ends were rotten. I think I need to drive north a little bit and get some good corn.

  6. Jessica McCloud says

    just FYI about the rhubarb, we moved into a new house this summer where someone had planted rhubarb in the past apparantly. It had overtaken every flower bed and even some of the lawn, and is still spreading even though I have attempted to dig it all out several times! The roots are very invasive and grow very deep. I would contain it to a single raised container separate from all of your other crops. Also, my mother claimed the leaves were poisonous to kids and pets, but I have not verified this.

  7. bridget says

    How do you get those amazing prices? Do you bargain with them? Our farmer’s market is really expensive. I would never find that good of prices.

  8. carolyn says

    i have found at the farmers market here buying in case quanity saves alot of money i bought a case of tomatoes and a case of peaches for 10.00 a case then i divide the produce and use some fresh and freeze the rest you can bargain more with quanity and i walk the whole market to find the lowest price then go back and buy.

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