"Electronic" Coupons – Guest Post

Today I am guest posting about “electronic” coupons (or “e-coupons”) over at Being Frugal is Fabulous.


New “E-coupons” available at Upromise.com. Upromise: Register your grocery card and save when you shop! It’s an easy process to sign-up and get “e-coupons” loaded onto your grocery store cards. I was able to load onto my Kroger and CVS cards, with the option for a few other stores in my area. When you purchase a product that you have an “e-coupon” for, that amount is deposited into a college savings account. I’ve saved almost $20 since starting last month. Not too bad…I’m just buying what I normally buy and get rewarded a little in the end! In today’s economy, every penny counts!!!

I learned last week that Safeway/Randalls and their other stores are now accepting P & G Esaver “ecoupons”. So, if you shop at one of these stores, head on over to P & G Esaver and load up your cards to maximize your savings!

If you are new to “e-coupons”, this is the post for you! Head on over to learn more.

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