Eggs-cellent Savings on Easter Dinner {FREE PRINTABLE}

Easter Savings with Favado

Get eggs-cellent savings this Easter using the Favado app!

Not sure which store has the best deal on ham this Easter? Don’t fret any longer because Favado’s got you covered! A quick search in Favado will help you figure out which store in your area has the very best price on ham…and all the other ingredients you need to make a scrumptious Easter dinner.

Favado will help you easily find the savings you need, for all the items on your shopping list…

  • Easter Ham – which store will win the ham price war in your area?!
  • Dozens of eggs – who has the cheapest eggs in your area? (It could be one of the drugstores!)
  • Candy, candy, candy
  • Popular Easter meal ingredients, like asparagus, lettuce, potatoes, pie crusts, etc.

This Easter, you are armed with the most powerful savings tools…Favado!

Are you using Favado to save big on your Easter meal ingredients and other Easter goodies?! Download Favado today and start saving big on groceries!

Twitter Party

Join us tomorrow night at 9 pm EST as we tear up Twitter, talking about ways to save on your Easter meal. RSVP and details here –> #favadoapp Eggs-cellent Savings Twitter Party!

Free Printable

If you’re looking for an easy way out this Easter meal, then we’ve got your menu all set and ready to go…printable includes recipes and shopping list…then it’s up to you and your Favado app to figure out which store has which ingredients…and you’ll end up having a delicious Easter meal for as little $$$ as possible!

(Click the image to get the recipes and list!)

Free Printable - Easter Savings Recipes & Grocery List

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