eBook Promo: Cooking 101 for Kids {Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures}

Having little ones who are always ask to “crack the eggs” and “pour the flour,” I love ebooks that encourage cooking with kids! If you’re not sure what to start with, how to teach your kids simple cooking skills, or how to equip them to be comfortable in the kitchen as they get older, then this eBook from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures is for you!  All of the following is included to teach your child:

  • Measurements
  • Tools and Common Ingredients
  • How to Follow a Recipe
  • How to Make Breakfast
  • Snacks, Appetizers and Side Dishes
  • Desserts and Treats

Plus, $5 Dinners readers can enter promo code: 5DINNERS to get $2 off making it only $2.99 (reg. $4.99)!  Order your copy of Cooking 101 for Kids today!

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