Dunkable Fun with Grilled Cheese Croutons & Campbell’s Tomato Soup

I cannot believe how absolutely frigid it has been here in San Antonio. (People of the North, don’t roll your eyes. I’ve seen the negative temperatures and I’ve shed a tear for you. A tear that nearly froze on my face.) (Kidding.)

While it does get cold here, it rarely frosts this early and never this frequently. In truth, I’ve been enjoying the fleece weather and chilly morning air.  The Wisest Kid in the Whole World has a solution for these cooler than normal days and the need to stay indoors more than usual! There is nothing like a warm pot of soup after an afternoon watching the kids ride bikes and play with our neighbor friends. Just 2 weeks ago, we were out in our t-shirts and flip flops. (Or a tennis shoe and snowboot if you are my 4 year old.) Since then we’ve had a cold spell, and this week have been enjoying more pleasant temps…riding bikes out in the cul de sac in a long sleeve t-shirt kind of weather. Perfect for my squirrel-y, energy overloaded little dudes. There’s still just enough nip in the air to need a warm bowl of soup to thaw out.

We’re going to have some extra kids in our house over the holiday season and I’m looking forward to watching the cousins and kiddos have their own dippable funAccording to The Wisest Kid, there are “More ways to dunk than can be thunk.”

The Wisest Kid knows that kids across the country appreciate a steaming bowl of Campbell’s Tomato Soup and love dipping their favorite dunkables. This holiday season, I’m gonna try “grilled cheese croutons” with my boys…using a “less gooey cheese slice” and then slicing the grilled cheese up with a pizza cutter…into bite size chunks that are perfect for dunking into Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

What do your wise kids prefer to dunk with their Campbell’s Tomato Soup?

How bout you “parents of wise kids” – what’s your favorite meal to curl up with on a cold, snowy (or just chilly if you live in South Texas!) day?

Disclosure: I am a Campbell’s Ambassador for The Wisest Kid in the World. This post is part of a sponsored series. Opinions are my own.


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