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I learned something new about chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago. And I decided to put the theory to the test. I made these double peanut butter chocolate chip cookies…then took them to a church picnic…and they got RAVE reviews.

The reason they melted in your mouth because I let the cookie dough sit in the fridge for 3 days. Why??…you’ll have to find out!

Did you know this about chocolate chip cookies?!?


  1. Lynn says

    I just read the reason why you should let it sit and I am going to try this with my recipe and add in the peanut butter. We love cookies around here! Especially homemade ones, yum!

    • says

      LOL! You have to just keep dough constanly rotating Christy! That’s what my friend said when I was telling her about it. You just make a few batches, one at a time…then freeze what you don’t bake that week :)

      It’s been working for me!


    • says

      gorgeous. amazing. i love lkoniog at your work. God has given you such a great stinkin’ gifting it’s not even funny. it’s actually pretty stinkin’ amazing. let’s see how many more times i can say stinkin’. wonderful job.

  2. Shelly says

    I think soon I’m going to test this – I’m going to make half the recipe right away, and let the other sit for a day or two before baking it. Then compare the quality. Thanks for that, Erin!

  3. Shannon says

    I always put my cookie dough in the fridge. Unless I need the cookies for an occasion the dough sits in the fridge until we want cookies. For example, on the way home from church Wed. evening my son wanted ice cream. We didn’t want to spend any money. I said how about when we get home I make you some homemade cookies? Pulled the dough out and made 9 cookies. All but two were eaten and I threw them in his lunch the next day. I always have fresh cookies for company, neighbors or what have you. Day old cookies just don’t cut it in our house anymore.

  4. says

    Wow, that’s interesting…I always thought that if you kept your dough in the fridge/freezer it would dry out. That’s what always happens to me. Of course, when I make cookie dough and freeze it, it’s in there for much longer than 24 hours. I’m gonna try two batches out and try this!

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