The Domestic Debacle on Chocolate

Have y’all met my friend Katie from Domestic Debacle?  If you haven’t, then you must.  Pop on over there and say Hi!

Last night after spending the evening with some of my favorite people at the Dayton Mom’s Night Out Celebration, Katie, Jolyn, Tyler and I were chatting in the parking lot…when this conversation occurred…

Disclaimer #1: Please excuse the lighting. It was dark. It was late. (And no, we are not in an alley.)

Disclaimer #2: Please excuse the wobbliness of the video. It was late. I had been holding Tyler ALL night and my back was tired and he wiggled and I could not hold the phone still. (Tyler is normally a VERY good baby, but anytime one of the many people who I worry might steal him from me one day my friends tried to hold him last night, he would SCREAM. He was acting like a total party pooper, so I held him All. Night. Long.)

Before you watch, you should pop on over and weigh in on the debate…Yesterday on the $5 Dinners Facebook Page we were debating whether or not Chocolate should be eaten with breakfast.

(And if you are not a $5 Dinners Facebook Fan, you should be…because that’s where we talk about the truly important things in life.  Like whether or not chocolate chips are OK to eat with breakfast. And why kids want the crust taken off their sandwiches.)

Now it’s time to to share with you Katie’s side of the “Chocolate with Breakfast” issue…

She does an excellent job of justifying chocolate with, in, and on breakfast!

Knowing that I can now justify chocolate with breakfast, I think my life is complete! 😉

(Sorry about all the Y’alls…I am from Texas you know. So it’s allowed y’all!)

So what are your thoughts on Chocolate with Breakfast?!?

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!

(And all you moms out there, don’t forget to enjoy some chocolate with your breakfast on Sunday!)


  1. says

    Y’all are so funny! My husband claims to be a “meat-a-tarian”. He says everything he eats has eaten a vegetable so therefore, he eats vegetables too! Love his logic…

  2. says

    Two brilliant women in one post! This is fabulous nutritional advice from two people I know and trust. How can that be wrong?

  3. Kim in Minnesota says

    Not to be too old school, but there is a brilliant Bill Cosby comedy bit about chocolate cake being the perfect breakfast. It has eggs, grains, chocolate, dairy… basically it is the most balanced food ever.

  4. says

    Totally – daily! Chocolate Instant Breakfast with some Duncan Hines Whole Grain Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk mini-muffins. Yummy!

  5. says

    Chocolate is a legume! I love it! Chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate filled croissants….any one have any other ideas?

  6. Barbara says

    I believe!!! Try this – oatmeal (cooked and hot of course). In each bowl, mix with a little chocolate (I like Nestle’s Quick, syrup, or chocolate chips). And since you need dairy to round things out, top with a little Vanilla Ice Cream and whipped cream topping. Oh, and maybe a marashino cherry, banana slices and chopped nuts (to include the fruit and protien groups – and have a Banana Split for Breakfast. My DH thought I was crazy….until he tried it. He isn’t much of a breakfast person, but It is now one of his favorite winter (or “it’s cold enough to be winter”) desserts!!!!

  7. Olivia says

    The alternative is quite sad. Just how can one make a chocolate chip pancake without chocolate chips?

  8. says

    There is also milk or cream in chocolate so that ups the healthy factor too. My sister-in-law and I have been saying this for years. Lol

  9. Andea Castor says

    I had no idea about the Mom’s Night Out Event! Darn! Looks like you had a blast and it would have been wonderful to meet some other local moms! And yes, chocolate for breakfast is a must! Just splurged on chocolate drizzled croissants for Mother’s Day brunch from Trader Joes’s last night. Mmmmm…..

  10. says

    Chocolate + breakfast = Awesome.
    Mmm… chocolate waffles with ice cream and fresh strawberries or chocolate stuffed french toast… Yum. 😀

  11. Pat Goff says

    I am not a huge chocolate fan but my ex mother in law used to make chocolate gravy (I never ate it) and put it on biscuits. I love german eis chocolate though (pretty much only one I will eat). It is fabulous. I stock up everytime I go home and my family and friends send it for special occasions.

  12. Kerry D. says

    We love to eat cream of wheat/ farina with a bit of brown sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Stirred just right gives a beautiful swirled effect. :)

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