Disney Vacation Planning with Mouse Tales Travel ~ Guest Post

Hello fellow frugal seekers. I am Julie, the budget conscious Travel Agent with Mouse Tales Travel. As a full time stay at home Mom of two, my life revolves around getting TOP quality and the BEST value no matter what we are shopping for. When planning our very first trip to Disney World, it wasn’t any different.

When I brought up the desire to take the kids to Disney World, my “ready to please” husband was not so sure we could afford it. He, like most, thought Disney was above our means. Well, when this Momma wants something, she tries her hardest to make it happen. Research, number crunching and some lengthy discussions with my husband and I was able to get a price for the Disney World vacation of our dreams.

Our family was already on a monthly grocery budget, which consisted of utilizing coupons for almost everything we needed. Sticking to that monthly budget, I was able to feel comfortable putting some money aside for our vacation. We sat down and went through our monthly bills, trying to find ways to save. We cut back on our cable channels, were able to call up our cable company and get a nice “customer appreciation” discount. We worked hard and stuck to a plan and when the time came for our trip, we knew we had made the right decision.

The amazement in my kids eyes the moment they saw the castle for the first time, was priceless. Who am I kidding?  My husband said the look in MY eyes was priceless. After a week long adventure at Disney World, we knew that we would return. Every penny spent was worth it. The time we shared together as a family was truly magical. We have now put a yearly Disney Vacation into our household budget. This trip is as important to our well being as the rest of our monthly bills. On each trip our priority is TOP quality and BEST value for our hard earned savings. This is what I do for all my clients. Your family vacation is treated with the same care and money saving priorities as my own. Trust me, a Disney Vacation can become your reality.

Julie is a Disney Vacation Planner. Getting the BEST value for your Disney dollar, is her specialty. Your family’s dreams and budget are her top priorities. You can find Julie at Mouse Tales Travel.


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    My best tip for lunch in the Magic Kingdom: When you’re at one of those burger type places in the park, order just the cheese and bun. It’s not on the menu but less than $3 and you can still get all of the fancy toppings from the toppings bar.

  2. Portia Vigil says

    We went in december, family of 5. Spent exactly $2,000, our budget. We stayed in a pull behind camper right across the street from disney for $42/night, we ate our breakfast and dinner in the camper. I think we were so busy we actually skipped lunches and took a backpack of snacks. You can take in a lunch. We used our VISA card with Disney rewards for a year and purchased a 3 day hopper pass and had credit for a full day from the VISA, otherwise there are no discounts that I could find for entry tickets.

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