Dishes Poll

Because I’m curious…

Who washes the dishes as they go when preparing meals???

Who lets them pile up and washes them all after the meal???

Or does it depend on your mood???

(I prefer to at least rinse them off  as I cook, but sometimes I get ahead of myself and let them pile up!)

What’s your Dishes Personality???


  1. Laurie says

    That’s the sous chef’s job! (aka the hubs). Seriously, he usually is in there cleaning up as I cook. Most of the time it isn’t a problem but he often gets in my way and then, ahem, look out! I’m gone 10+ hours a day and while I don’t mind cooking when I get home, I don’t like cleaning up. If I can’t enlist the hubs, I get one of the other inmates, um, family members to take care of the dreaded deed.

  2. Lee Broom says

    I tend to leave the dishes, haven’t had a dishwasher working in years. So usually I pile stuff in the sink, sometimes on the counters…till my husband can’t stand it and comes washing them. When I’m feeling really energetic, I’ll wash as I go, but it feels like all I do is wash dishes.
    It took my husband probably ten years of marriage to figure out he could actually wash dishes and the kitchen would be clean. Or he could wait til I feel like doing them. He washes them more often nowadays.

  3. Amy says

    I am a horrible piler. I usually leave the dishes until after the kids go to bed otherwise my 19 month old is climbing in the dishwasher. I prefer to just leave it until everyone is asleep and I can just bust it out faster.

    I do have to mention that reading all these comments about husbands doing the dishes is making me want to whip my hubby into shape :)

  4. Rachel says

    I definitely pile the dishes up in the sink as I go. Like another post mentioned, I also have numerous sets of mixing cups, measuring spoons, etc. due to this habit. Thankfully, my husband has always cleaned up the kitchen after dinner for me!

  5. Joanne Jewett says

    I cook and clean as I go, unless I’m seriously rushed…then, I at least rinse the dirty things and load the dishwasher and do the pots & pans by hand after each meal. There are just the two of us, so we run the dishwasher only when it is full, which usually is every other day. That makes rinsing them necessary to prevent food odors in the kitchen.

    If we have a company dinner my hubby helps to clean up, too.

  6. Kat says

    I am the messiest cook in the world!!! So I just make dinner and leave the disaster until morning, when coffee can help me deal with it. I always start my morning with a sink of hot soapy water and dishes. Next, I make coffee and put away clean dishes. Then I enjoy my coffee and CNN while the dishes are soaking. By the time I have finished a cup and a round of news the water is the perfect temperature to load the dishwasher.

  7. Caroline says

    LOL! I try to clean as I go when I have a break in cooking time. But I always leave some for after dinner. It is the dinner dishes (the plates, serve wear, etc) that intimidates me, though.

  8. Rosemary says

    I prefer to wash the dishes as I go…can’t stand a bunch of dirty dishes on my counters or in the sink.
    I am hoping to get a dishwasher later this year…but even then…I really do enjoy washing dishes!!

  9. Serena says

    I am an absolute piler, 95% of the time. The other 5% I will wash as I go. Like many of the posters before me, I have a wonderful husband that comes behind and with the wave of his “magical” wand, my kitchen is sparkling clean. I love to cook and loathe cleaning. He has 3 dishes that he cooks on occasion to give me a break, but he loves to clean. So we have always made a perfect match in that department. LOL He will not only do the dishes, but wipes down the stove, counters, mops the floor, etc. I love my husband and brag about him every chance I get. Although it does get somewhat messy when he is deployed overseas, like now. I try to keep in check most of the time.

  10. Jean says

    For me it all depends on the meal. If it is something easy like baked potatoes and meat on the grill, I’ll leave whatever I used for prep work, in the sink. If it is a more complicated meal, I’ll wash the items as I go, so there is less to wash up after the meal.

  11. Amanda says

    I am a freak when it comes to a clean kitchen! I H-A-T-E dirty dishes in the sink. So my dishes are always put in the dishwasher. Now when DH is home it is a totally different story.

  12. Amy says

    I’m a piler…I love to cook, but the dishes are my nemesis. When my husband is home – he’s chief bottle washer, but when it’s just me – the pile up. I also wait until I’m alone to do the dishes after the kids go to bed because Lord knows when they are awake – nothing gets done. :)

  13. Pat says

    I clean as I go but then again I don’t cook much as I am a single grandmother raising a 4 year old and she is happy with mac and cheese and spagetti o’s. I am just to tired when I get home from work (I work 7 days a week) to really cook especially just for the two of us. It is just as easy to nuke something I hate to say but I do clean as I go. Mostly I just put the dishes in the dishwasher without cleaning unless they are baked or burned on. Ha!

  14. Jessica says

    It depends on what I’m cooking… If I can leave it for a bit, I clean as I go. Without a dishwasher, it’s necessary most of the time… Otherwise, I eat and then look at the sink full of dishes with dread.

  15. Cathy says

    I wash as I cook. I have a dishwasher but there are certain things I don’t put in it. Non stick pots & pans, pampered chef and iron skillets are hand washed.

  16. Mary S says

    I pile them up and do them when I get to it. When I was single I payed my nieces to wash them.They’re all grown now so I have to do them myself.

  17. Lisa Funston says

    Ugh! I have to wash dishes as I go. I cannot STAND to finish cooking and have a large pile of dishes to wash. I find if I do a little at a time as I go, the kitchen stays neat and clean and when I finish, it looks like I never cooked anything. Ahh…Nirvana!

  18. Tiffany says

    I am a piler! I only do one load in the dishwasher a day but sometimes have so many dishes I have to do some handwashing too because they won’t all fit in the dishwasher.

  19. says

    I wash as I go…sort of. I usually make stuff that has to cook for a bit on the stovetop or bake in the oven so I wash the prep dishes while that’s cooking. I wish my husband would wash them, but that’s not happening anytime this century! He says that the difference between a chef and a cook is that a cook does their own dishes…which makes him the chef and me the cook…aka: I do the dishes all the time! 😉

  20. Amy says

    I wash as I go. The food tastes better if I’m not thinking about all the dishes I’ve got to do. Also, if I eat in the kitchen I’m not looking at a sink full of work so I just wash while the oven does its thing.

  21. Megan says

    Just want to let you know that your husband is very proud of you! I’m taking a class with him today (we’re on a break now!) and he mentioned your book. I’m definitely buying it when I get home! Also, I usually clean the dishes as I go. It makes things much easier in the end!

  22. Jenn says

    I work from home most days so I do the dinner prep when I stop for lunch. I start cooking at 5 and the kids set the table. When hubby get in at 5:30 he takes over cooking and while he’s finishing the meal I clean up everything except the pots still in use.

    After dinner the kids load the tableware into the dishwasher for the daily run. Meanwhile DH puts the leftovers into containers for his lunch the next day and I hand wash any pots missed before supper. Nobody wants a giant mess to deal with after supper so this method reduces the after dinner clean up to a couple of pots at most. We all do our bit and we’re finished in 10 minutes.

  23. Charlene Roberson says

    it is hubby’s “job” to clean up, so I take care to wash what I don’t want him to mess up (good knives, etc!!) and then usually just pile it up. Sometimes, if I have a lot of “waiting” time, I will wash as I go………

  24. Rose says

    I wash most as I go. I work nights and get dinner ready before I leave the house at 5pm. I wash up everything I can, which usually includes the plates the guys ate off of the night before. Hubby and son will usually rinse off (or make an attempt to) their dishes and whatever pots the dinner was waiting for them in and stack them in one side of the sink. As many hints as I’ve dropped I can’t get them to try to wash them. But I don’t complain because I want the bottom &/or outsides of the things washed as well as the rest of the dish and the few times I’ve had to rely on the hubby to do dishes, there was grease left all over stuff. You know what they say…if you want it done right, do it yourself. (I actually have to remind myself of the grease to keep myself from complaining that I don’t get help in that area.)

  25. says

    I definitely prefer to clean as I go. If I’ve got time while one item is cooking I’ll clean what I’ve got so far. That way when I’m completely done there isn’t as much to do. Also I find that sometimes I need to use the same item again because its the only one I have so I have to clean it. Like my big mixing bowls when making pies.

  26. Susi says

    I prefer to clean as I go but sometimes I’ll wait until after dinner to get them done. I stopped using the dishwasher when I moved in Dec. I now do them by hand every day. It seems to be saving me money on the water bill!

  27. says

    Anything that goes in the dishwasher gets washed as it goes but any pots and pans have to wait until later. I end up burning things if I try to do dishes too. My husband used to do the dishes while I was cooking and the other way around but now we have a crazy 13 month old on the move. I used to try to do them at night but after the long day, I all I want to do is sit down so they usually don’t get done until morning nap.

  28. says

    It’s a mixture. My husband cleans up the kitchen after dinner so I try to clean up the dishes as I go so I don’t leave too big of a mess for him but I don’t get to every one. I don’t want to abuse his generosity and get stuck doing them myself!

  29. Carol says

    I generally fill a dishpan with hot soapy water and drop dirtied items in there as I go along. Since I have a dishwasher, I’ll pull the dishes, silverware, etc. out of the soapy water and put them in the dishwasher when I have a free moment or two. It goes very quickly that way.

  30. Patti Luce says

    Oh I totally let them pile up!! I hate it that I do it that way, wish I was more organized and less messy….but no…..My mama raised me better! She NEVER lets dishes build up in her sink!! =) Too bad I didn’t take after her more…

  31. Christine B. says

    I wash dishes after I am done preparing food, or after the meal. I wear gloves because of allergy to soap. To take off and put on gloves for washing dishes and put on and take off gloves to put food in oven and remove it is too great a task for my mind. I have gotten confused. The dishes are rinsed as I go. Washing takes place later. Thanks for the sharing all.

  32. Rebecca Spahr says

    Oh, absolutely clean as I go. I am trying to teach this to my daughters…so far they are a little slow on the practice!

  33. Beth says

    I wash and clean as I go. I can’t stand to have dirty dishes in the sink. Never, never, never leave them in the sink overnight. Must be the OCD in me :)
    I can’t even leave my house with my bed un-made. That would bother me all day.

  34. Larissa says

    I totally let them pile up. I think it’s wishful thinking that hubby will do it. I’m tuckered out after working a full shift, spending the afternoon with our preschooler and getting groceries and dinner done. Alas, I usually end up with the sink of DD too.

  35. Susan says

    I use to let them pile up and then I would be too tired to clean and sometimes, truth be told, I would get to them at all. As this continued to happen I realized that I started to hate cooking when before I loved to cook for my family. I started going out to eat more than cook at home. We just can’t afford that and my family, including myself deserve a clean kitchen all the time. So I set the timer one day for 15 mins and cleaned the whole kitchen. It didn’t even take the whole 15 mins. Now I make sure that the sink is always shiny clean and the dishwasher is loaded by each one in the family as the day goes on. Then as I cook dinner I wash the big dishes (pots, pans, etc) and we all help with clean up after dinner. The dishwasher is run when I go to bed. I empty it and put away all the pots and pans in the morning and the cycle starts all over again. Since everyone is responsible for putting their own dishes in the the dishwasher all day long I no longer feel like I am constantly cleaning the kitchen. I actually look forward to cooking dinners now because I have a clean kitchen to start with and I know that everyone will help with clean up afterwards. Everyone deserves a shiny sink!

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