Dishes Poll

Because I’m curious…

Who washes the dishes as they go when preparing meals???

Who lets them pile up and washes them all after the meal???

Or does it depend on your mood???

(I prefer to at least rinse them offย  as I cook, but sometimes I get ahead of myself and let them pile up!)

What’s your Dishes Personality???


  1. says

    Oh! the questions people ask. I wash as I go when I am batch cooking but only because I have to if I want to continue cooking. On a normal night I cook and stack the dishes in the sink then my husband takes care of them later. When my hubby is cooking I do the dishes after dinner.

  2. Heather Fox says

    I used to be a pile upper but here’s what I do now. I make sure the dishwasher has been run and emptied before dinner so that while I’m preparing it I can put stuff that can go in the dishwasher in there and I fill the sink with hot soapy water before I start cooking so I can throw all the pots and pans in there as I cook. With the dishwasher empty everyone in the family also puts their own dishes in there after dinner. So helpful!

  3. says

    If I am throwing a dinner party, I start cooking with a clean kitchen and wash as I go. If it’s only my family I wipe off the counter tops and rinse as I go. All the while, hoping that someone will be lured into the kitchen by the aroma and then feel the overwhelming desire to do dishes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. says

    I rinse as I make the meal, then try to wash while the meal is cooking, so we only have the serving dishes to wash after the meal. I can’t stand dishes sitting IN the sink, and we don’t have a dishwasher, and piles on the counter take up valuable prep/serving space!

  5. Jackie Hix says

    Most of the time, I try to clean up as I’m cooking, like putting things up whee they go and putting things in the dishwasher. If they need washing in the sink though, most of the time, I do that after dinnner.

  6. says

    I wash as I go, it keeps my kitchen from looking like a disaster!! However, there are times when I don’t wash as I go and I have to spend extra time in the kitchen after dinner (which I don’t like!)

  7. says

    I HATE dishes with a passion!!! We don’t have a dishwasher so I have to do all of them by hand. Sometimes if I cook my husband washes and I dry or if he cooks I wash and he drys. At least we tackle it as a team, but I HATE dishes! I wish I was Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie and can make them just be clean and put away!

  8. says

    I’m definitely a pile-up gal. Unless I’m mixing something up in my KA Mixer and need to use the beaters or bowl for multiple things that require me to wash them in between. Because I’m a pile-up cook, I have 3 sets of measuring cups, and countless sets of measuring spoons :) I love it ๐Ÿ˜› (And I totally *heart* my dishwasher!!!!)

  9. says

    I make the mess, my husband cleans it. I do all our laundry, cooking, food shopping, clothes purchasing, feed the kitties (can’t do litter boxes– I’m pregnant), I cut everybody’s hair at home, I do the garden, budget… he fixes and cleans things :)

  10. JenniferM says

    What a cute post! I’m curious to see what other people say as well.

    I tend to crash after dinner so I leave the dishes sitting out all night. The next morning I can up the kitchen and run the dishwasher. Then, as I’m cooking (waiting for meat to defrost, or water to boil) I empty out the dishwasher and try to start loading it again just to make room on the counter. When I was working I just did the dishes every night before dinner while my daughter was working on homwork. My signature phrase – “I just can’t cook in a messy kitchen!”

  11. says

    I have a dishwahser but, when I didn’t I did them as I went. I still tidy the kitchen as I go, too. I have a fairly small working space so, the more I clean as I go, the better! :)

  12. says

    I always wonder this same thing. I’m fanatic about cleaning as I go. I’m one of those that actually wipes the counter tops as I go also. There is usually just the dishes that held the food & plates there afterwords and those are usually washed about 10-20 minutes later! When my husband makes dinner to give me a break we always end up arguing because I go behind him saying, “Why can’t you clean as you go.”

  13. says

    Ugh. I wish I could do my dishes as I cooked, but I stink at it. Therefore, I feel like my kitchen is ALWAYS messy. I keep trying to start the wash as I work method; however, I get sidetracked. I have learned my three year old son likes to help wash dishes, so my long term plan is to make the kids do it. That works, right?

  14. astrid says

    I do both depending on my mood. I usually like to clean up right after myself so it’s not such a huge chore afterwards but sometimes I slip up and forget.

  15. says

    I usually try to wash as I go, but most of the time that just doesn’t happen. I love, love, love cooking and baking, but I make such a mess…and I don’t even have kids yet!

    As a side note, I think it’s hilarious that the related post listed is “Side Dishes for Soup.” :)

  16. says

    I desperately try to wash as I go. But lately it’s has been depending on how I’m feeling. I’ve kind of passed the dishwashing over to DD she’s not too happy about it but it’s nice to have some help.

  17. KHenry says

    I try to get stuff put in the dishwasher as I go. But sometimes there just is not time. And sometimes I save dishes for hubby since I cooked the meal!

    • Courtney says

      I bet you are a super good cook though :) I am the same way! I sure know how to make a yummy meal (or bake yummy treats) but cleaning…… what’s that? That’s what my hubby is for!

  18. says

    I wash as I go. I usually take the largest mixing bowl and fill with water so I can throw in anything that needs to soak a second. I have 5 kids so it is just too much to save it all until after supper. After the meal it is one of the kids jobs to take care of the dishes and it might include something that soaked while we ate.

  19. says

    Depends what kid I have beside me-lol. We at least rinse and put the ones that will go in the dishwasher up. The rest we rinse and set aside until after dinner.

  20. Karen says

    do it when it gets full. or there are no more things left. 1st thing to go: 8oz cups. even more so when my parents are here. mmmmm..yeah.

  21. says

    I hate dishes, but I put them off ALL day until after dinner. More specifically, til after my daughter goes to bed. BLD, all dishes are piled up…….. Til late!

  22. Jean says

    I’m a piler… Since it’s usually just me there typically aren’t too many dishes, yet I use that as an excuse to NOT do them!

  23. Jodi says

    I have to rinse things off when I go or else things will seriously stick and it’s not a promise that they will come off in the dishwasher. I soak the big stuff. After dinner, I load the dishwasher. The next morning, I have my step-son unload/put away.

  24. says

    I’m a ‘clean as you go’ cook simply because we eat in the kitchen and I don’t want to see it messy. We do use a dishwasher, so much goes in there. Pots and pans get washed and stored. Well, that’s the intention — and about half the time it works!!

  25. Melissa Miller says

    It depends on my mood, usually stack it and wash when I am all done, unless people are coming over then I clean as I go.

  26. Jackie says

    Once the dinner is in the oven…or on the stove…I was whatever dishes or measuring cups, etc…I used to prepare the meal. After dinner, hubby does the dishes!

  27. Lori Smith says

    I do the dishes, usually while I am making dinner and then rinse them and put them in the dishwasher, I wish I could teach my boyfriend how to do it, but he is getting better through the years.

  28. Alyssa says

    I mostly clean as I go — makes it easier when the “post-dinner rush” (bathtime, snacks, story-time, etc.) hits. But sometimes…boy I just can’t stay on top of those dishes some nights. Oh well! Some day I’m going to miss all those dishes!

  29. says

    My husband and boys tease me that when I’m gone the kitchen doesn’t explode like when I’m home. Well, yeah, when I’m gone, no cooking is being done.
    Unfortunately, my dishes piles up until it looks like the kitchen exploded. When I cook big, for most of the day, I usually have 4-6 loads of dishes in the dishwasher.

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