What Really Happens Around Our Dinner Table

Because I’m all about keeping it real. And I’m all about showing you the silliness that I have to deal with on a regular basis. And because these are the things that happen around the dinner table when you have 3 little boys involved…

I’d love it if you’d take 21 seconds of your valuable time to see what really happens around our dinner table!

It  can get pretty “hairy” when we have rice with dinner. (pun intended.)

We tried to keep him awake.  But he just didn’t make it!

And I can’t help the baby toes. They’re so cute and I just can’t tell him to put them down.

(Really, I do teach manners. I’m trying at least!)

And if you didn’t watch the video up there. You must!

What are some of the funny things that happen around your dinner table?!  Confession time!


  1. maria says

    We see a lot of baby feet too! Happy I’m not the only one who lets it slide :) When it comes to trying something new or eating something that is not a faveorite, the girls spin their forks and whoever it lands on has to take a bite first. The girls sometimes pretend to be critics and dicuss the meal (sometimes great, sometimes….’why would the chef here even try this?’) Sometimes they sing, make up gooofy games, or do some strange things with their food. Believe it or not, they have manners….some days are just better than others! And at the end of the meal, I’m always glad we have dogs……they do a wonderful job cleaning the floor!! You’re boys are adorable…..and everytime you show or talk about something Tyler has done, I say to myself…..Bubby does that!

  2. Susan Thompson says

    love it. my kids enjoyed that one. and i’m struggling through the same “babyfeet are so cute” but i know they don’t belong on the table delima.

  3. Tiffany Davey says

    Rice is a problem in our house too! I serve it with caution. Normally at the end of a rice meal it’s stuck to everything! Baby, the 5 year old bum, the floor, the dog, the table, the chairs..the only one who seems to get out clean is the 3 year old!

  4. Pauletta Combs says

    Very cute kids. Hey, they’re only little once. I say let them have fun. I remember the “little toes” days LOL… My one and only (son) will be 7 next month. They grow up too fast. I’m sure, just like me, they’ll remember the laughter and good times for a long time.

  5. Virginia Tadrzynski says

    Ramen noodles, cut up and plastered on their cheeks looking like tears is always a favorite of mine. Hubby has the problem with the piggy-toes on the table but the 18 mon. old looks at Pop-pop, giggles, and puts them back up anyway.

    With two under three year old grandbabies always underfoot (I babysit them)…we get quite the experience. The last time I heard them laugh like that was when the 18 year old uncle made his way out to ‘grace us with his presence’ and passed gas (I TRIED with that one, I really did, but I guess at 18 manners don’t stick around too much when you are at home). The two little ones thought that was the funniest thing they had ever heard and started laughing like those in the video….the oldest one (2 1/2) actually fell on the floor he laughed so hard.

  6. Andrea says

    Thanks for posting this. As a relatively new mom (my son is 20 months old) I wonder if what he does is “normal”. Now I know it is, and now I know that other kids do that stuff I don’t have to be so concerned about what other people are thinking about me or my child. Thanks for keeping it real!

  7. says


    My three each have their favorite vegetables, of course they’re all different, and they refuse to eat their siblings favorite. Make meal planning challenging, and dinner table harmony rare.

  8. Dawn Edwards says


    That video of your lil guy blowing raspberries on the kitchen table was just hilarious! I have an almost 4 year old and she made me replay the video at least 5 times because she just couldnt stop laughing! Oh, the silly things our kids do! I love it!

  9. says

    My son is in this stage too. He keeps putting his feet up on the table like that and I’ll tell him to put them down. Then, out of the corner of my eye I can see him looking at me sneaking his toes back to the table. Like you…it’s so cute, but not so much in a few years =)

  10. Mary E.S. says

    I remember those days and they went away too fast.Fortunately I have videos which you now have me wanting to drag out and watch again.My baby is 11 and when he see’s what I’m watching,he sit’s down beside me and always watches with me.The big one won’t sit down but will find a reason to come into the room oodles of times to tell me something and sneek a glance at the TV at least a dozen times while he’s there.

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