1. says

    Love, love, love what you’ve done. The photos are beautiful, the recipes simple to read. All there in one spot. Much nicer than some magazines I spend so much more for and then never use because they are not practical. Good luck to you! And thank you for serving your audience in such a wonderful way!

  2. Lieschen Müller says

    The Inspiration you give is just life-changing! Great Content and beautiful Pictures to look at – there’s nothing more one could wish for!

  3. Sherry Kristjanson says

    I really like it! I love how vibrant the colors in the pictures are. Makes me really interested in reading the recipe and want to make it! I like that there are no ads and it was small and simple. Easy to look at and read. Very nice!

  4. Angela says

    I like it! It’s a great idea, and the recipes look easy, good, and use things that can be found easily on a store shelf. I like the list of ingredients so I can see if I have everything on hand to make it. Good job!

  5. says

    Looks terrifically awesome! Having a super tight budget to work with, el cheapo meals are definitely the way to go… but the family wants good taste too. This fits the bill! Kudos on the new e-mag!

  6. Summer P. says

    Congratulations on this new awesome adventure. I love how you keep this simple and easy to understand. Keep livin’ and learnin’ .

  7. April Hardgrove Skidgel says

    Love the fact that you have pics with the recipes!!! You have easy and delightful recipes!!

  8. Becky says

    Love it! It is so much more inspiring to make recipes when you get to see the beautiful pictures of the final product!

  9. Juli Webster says

    This Week’s Eats is a great idea! Gives me more cooking idea’s and my once picky eater is now trying everything.
    Was wondering though, can you give alternative ideas? Say for lower sugar, etc.
    Keep up the great work, you are definitely making my life easier! :)

  10. Holly says

    Not only are the photos beautiful and brightly colored, but the layout of the magazine is great! It’s simple, yet elegant… not too busy or distracting like some magazines. Great job!

  11. Susan says

    How great is this… a digital magazine for all of us followers and hopefully newbies too. Have always enjoyed you and your recipes!

  12. Jean says

    Hello, I loved the recipe and so did my family. I just found your site just this week and LOVE it!!! I’ve been wanting to try couponing and menu planning and just didn’t know how to start. Thank you so much for the printables, blogs and the videos. Excellent site, I have been sending all my friends here.

  13. Mary Wallace says

    I really like the recipes you have posted in your first edition. I also like the personal touch you added in telling us a little about your son. Keep up the good work!

  14. Ashley says

    I like the layout and all the pictures! A recipe could be excellent but it if has pictures I’m more likely to give it a shot!

  15. Linda Arney says

    Thank you for such lovely, informative cookbooks! When I found out they were available on my Nook, I did a little celebration dance! Would LOVE to see more recipes that are SENIOR friendly! US oldies have delicate digestive systems! LOL…things like salt and CORN and a few other gassy vegis can wreck havoc with our old tummies! I would LOVE to see a cookbook geared just for us SENIORS! thank you and happy cookin! :)

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