CLOSED! “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!” – Devotional Book Giveaway

And, the winners are:

Anne L. who said, “One of the funniest don’t make me come up there moments was when it was too quiet and the kids would not answer when I yelled to them. I went upstairs and my daughter had actually cleaned the whole playroom.”

Rachel who said, “I don’t know if this is the absolute funniest, but it’s fresh in my mind. Last week my 4-year-old son came to the top of the stairs long after he was supposed to be in bed. “Mommy, I can’t control myself.” My husband and I looked at each other. “What?” we asked in bewilderment. “I can’t control myself: I keep getting out of bed!” It was a good thing he couldn’t see us as we burst into silent laughter.”

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“I couldn’t help thinking of the last time my children had scattered up the stairs and disappeared into a quiet abyss. Initially, I thought they were just delighting in one another’s company, holding hands, and making paper daisies. But that thought lasted for 1.2 seconds before I snapped out of my delusion only to discover my oldest giving her brother a “haircut” and my youngest smearing soap all over the bathroom. . . “

There is a gem out there in the blogosphere…and her name is Kristen Welch!  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her and speak with her on a book publishing panel. She is as open, honest, transparent as they come. She will love you, challenge you and take your heartstrings to places they don’t really want to go, but need to go. She does all this on her blog, We Are THAT Family, and now in her new devotional book for moms…titled, “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!

(The cover of the book explains it all!)

If you’re a busy mom who needs quiet moments, this is a book for you!!!

This week we are giving away 2 copies of this wonderful book…entry details…

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  1. jen says

    One of my funniest moments were when I went to check on my 2 & 3 year old daughters and found them in their bedroom…having a apple jacks war! I am sure I was upset but I do remember laughing at the time, better than crying over spilled milk :)

  2. Tina Lassiter says

    while trying to catch up on emails one day, my two youngest ones (who were 3 at the time) were so quiet. When I realized that quiet probably wasn’t a good thing and went to check on them, they were both covered from head to toe in baby lotion, as well as the hardwood floor, the bed and everything in their reach. I wish I had taken a photo.

  3. LisaE says

    When my girls were younger, they were so quiet upstairs. At first I was happy-they were getting along and playing with no “she did this”, “No, SHE did that!” stuff. When I realized it was TOO QUIET, I went up to find older dd giving younger dd a total make-over….from blush to lipstick everywhere BUT on her sisters lips! It was quite a challenge getting younger dd’s face scrubbed clean:)

  4. Heather says

    Having two small kids in the house there were always some antics going on. I can remember being in the kitchen cooking dinner and thinking it’s too quiet only to find the 2 year old had climbed up the entertainment center to the TV and the one year old was dancing on top of the toy box. Oh boy! Would love to win Kristen’s book. Thanks for your giveaway!

  5. Stacey says

    My daughter had a friend over not too long ago and they were playing in her bedroom upstairs. I thought it was too quiet so I went to check on them and they were both in the bathroom putting huge globs of hair gel in their hair. It was such a mess…I had to give them both a bath and wash their hair several times. I couldn’t help but laugh though (to myslef of course)…they looked hilarious!

  6. Neily says

    I usually only worry when all three of my boys are together and too quiet (the teenager, the 6 year old, and the HUSBAND!) they are usually up to no good when I can’t hear them.

  7. Jenny Martin says

    I worry the most when I do not hear any noise…so the last time that happened–the daughter was painting her brothers toe nails–with red nail polish–on the carpet–and had spilled it!

  8. Wendy says

    I had that moment that you think you only will see on tv. I had given my two year old a bath. Set him lose while I was getting a diaper and PJ’s. The little munchkin decided to detour to the kitchen and play in a bag of FLOUR! Need I remind you that he had just gotten out of the tub and was still a bit damp. He had flour stuck to him and the whole bag was all over my kitchen floor! So what is a mother to do when her child does this? Why get her camera of course, and giggle hysterically! Cause the alternative was just to cry!

  9. Linda says

    Oh, the memories! My youngest would go off by herself to “do her business”. One day I came into her room to discover she had taken off her pullup (before the business) and done “it” on the carpet, including cleaning her bottom on the carpet.

  10. maria says

    Our 5 year old daughter was supposed to be playing with our almost 2 year old sonin the living room while I sorted and started some laundry (for 5 mins….maybe 30 ft away!) I hear him laughing and notice a huge billow of what I thought to be smoke….I have never run so fasat in all my life!! A 1/2 inch blanket of baby powder covered our entire living room!!2 things of brand new powder we now empty and my aughter we obliviously playing Littl ePeople in her brothers room!!

  11. Jennifer P says

    I’ve had a couple cute moments of going upstairs to check on my daughters and have found the older one playing dress-up with the younger one – in much too big clothes and hats!

  12. Jenn says

    I had a very memorable Mother’s Day 5 years ago. DH and I were enjoying the opportunity to sleep in a little. Only, I realized how bright the sun was getting, but did not have either DD asking us for breakfast. They were 4 and 1 at the time. So, I got up to go check on them, because they were being ‘too quiet’, but with an occasional giggle. Mind you, we had a ‘garden apartment’ at the time, that had our bedrooms separated by the large-ish living room.

    When I rounded the corner to the mini-hallway outside their door, I noticed two things: 1. their door was closed (we always left it open) and 2. in the darkness, I realized my bare toes were starting to wade through… hair? I pushed the door open with my fingertips, then hollered out ‘Hon?’ as I went into a shocked disbelief. DH came in seconds to see what I saw.

    DD4 had given herself a haircut with the sewing scissors that had been secured in the kitchen. Her hair – formerly below her shoulder blades – was now largely above the nape of her neck. DD1 had loved and trusted her big sis so much, that she volunteered (or just agreed) to get a haircut as well. I had opened the door just in time to see the largest part of her blonde baby curls had been freshly snipped. Somehow, DD4 had enough suspicions of my approach to hide the scissors under her dresser (which had been mine as a child).

    We were fortunate that they were not harmed, and also because one of DH had a connection with a local hair shop that was actually open that day, despite being Sunday. The lady who owned it was the mother of one of his former schoolmates, and she did an awesome job making the girls’ hair look more presentable. When we showed the pre-salon cut via pictures to family and friends, it was my sister who injected the first bit of humor. My sister noted that DD4 had essentially given herself a mullet, since there was a 1 or 2″ wide tail that she had cut, probably from not being able to see and reach it.

  13. Shannon says

    Went searching for my son and saw his foot sticking out from underneath his bed. He was fast asleep. :)

  14. Monica says

    I was in the kitchen cleaning. The kids were at the kids table in the living room coloring and cutting. Usually the kids like to hang their artwork on the wall using tape. I was running low on tape so I told them they could not use the tape today to put their artwork on the wall. So, I’m busy cleaning the kitchen. The kids, I thought were okay doing their artwork. My oldest son comes in the kitchen and says, “mom it’s a spider on the wall.” I come in the living room and they created a paper spider with a paper web hanging on the wall. I said, “how did you hang it on the wall, I said you guys couldn’t use my tape.” I inspected the spider my son and daughter hung the spider and web on the wall using ELMER’S SCHOOL GLUE!

  15. Deborah says

    I don’t have a story yet…but I am sure it will be coming soon with my 2 1/2 yr old and 5 yr old….should I worry? LOL!

  16. Karyn says

    One time I went up into the room and my son and my friends child had decided to change our big stuffed Pooh Bear’s and stuffed Tigger’s diapers(???). They had smeared Desitin( unfortunately not the creamy type, the really thick stuff) all over the animals. What a mess–needless to say we had to throw those two stuffed animals away.

  17. Jean says

    After I got my then almost 2 year old son out of the shower, I sent him to his room to get his night diaper and pjs off the changing table while I cleaned up the bathroom. When I walked into his room a few minutes later to get him dressing, he was laying on the floor shaking the baby powder onto himself and the diaper. Mind you he was shaking with such force that there was a huge white cloud in the room and he was covered from head to toe in baby powder, as well as most of the carpet! LOL