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And, the winners are:

Anne L. who said, “One of the funniest don’t make me come up there moments was when it was too quiet and the kids would not answer when I yelled to them. I went upstairs and my daughter had actually cleaned the whole playroom.”

Rachel who said, “I don’t know if this is the absolute funniest, but it’s fresh in my mind. Last week my 4-year-old son came to the top of the stairs long after he was supposed to be in bed. “Mommy, I can’t control myself.” My husband and I looked at each other. “What?” we asked in bewilderment. “I can’t control myself: I keep getting out of bed!” It was a good thing he couldn’t see us as we burst into silent laughter.”

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“I couldn’t help thinking of the last time my children had scattered up the stairs and disappeared into a quiet abyss. Initially, I thought they were just delighting in one another’s company, holding hands, and making paper daisies. But that thought lasted for 1.2 seconds before I snapped out of my delusion only to discover my oldest giving her brother a “haircut” and my youngest smearing soap all over the bathroom. . . “

There is a gem out there in the blogosphere…and her name is Kristen Welch!  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her and speak with her on a book publishing panel. She is as open, honest, transparent as they come. She will love you, challenge you and take your heartstrings to places they don’t really want to go, but need to go. She does all this on her blog, We Are THAT Family, and now in her new devotional book for moms…titled, “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!

(The cover of the book explains it all!)

If you’re a busy mom who needs quiet moments, this is a book for you!!!

This week we are giving away 2 copies of this wonderful book…entry details…

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  1. Sara says

    My husband and I were cleaning house and not really paying attention to what the two kiddos were up to. WE found them with a whole bottle of cookie sprinkles dumped out on the bed and they were having a ball eating them!

  2. Denise Saunders says

    The kids were sleeping soundly when I went up to check on them. I found my daughters door closed and locked. It took me ten minutes of yelling and pounding to even wake her up, and then five to explain that she needed to unlock the door and another five to understand that the door was broken. Hinges on the inside of the door meant my husband had to kick the door in. The door was fine, only the strike plate came off. And of course, all of the kids are now awake!

  3. says

    One of my most funniest moments was when my five year old daughter gave herself a hair cut too. She was not the first of my five daughters to do this act. I must admit that it was not funny at the time. lol


    Facebook Fan(Janet) & Email subscriber

  4. Erin G says

    My husband was in the kitchen on the phone with a friend one day, and our oldest, who was 6 at the time, came out to the kitchen and said “Daddy I need to show you something!” Trying to teach him not to interrupt, my husband said he would come in when he was off the phone. When he was done, he went into the family room to find that our boys had sprayed sunscreen all over our plasma tv. It came off luckily – and at least the boys had the sense to report it to Daddy!

  5. Tanya Cosby says

    Anytime my two boys (4 & 8) are together out of our sight and its quiet, we know they are up to something. We are just never sure who started it.

  6. Anne Loyd says

    One of the funniest don’t make me come up there moments was when it was too quiet and the kids would not answer when I yelled to them. I went upstairs and my daughter had actually cleaned the whole playroom.

  7. beth shepherd says

    Wow it seems like there are so many with 3 mostly wonderful children. The most recent is when it was too quiet and it was too late by the time I realized it they had dumped all the drawers out in the bathroom and were playing in all the towels and washcloths. Very cute but quite a mess. Gotta love them
    Thank you

  8. says

    My moment happened when it was quite upstairs for a few minutes, I went up and my oldest son had put my youngest son in the tub to “help” bath him, too bad he had all his clothes on!

  9. says

    My husband was on Daddy-duty one evening as I was getting dinner ready when I heard him call for me from upstairs. I get upstairs to find my then 2.5 year old had smeared an entire tube of toothpaste all over the bathroom and himself! What alerted my husband to the problem (Eli was suppose to be in his room with big brother) was he thought he heard water running upstairs… I guess once Eli saw the mess he’d made, he tried to clean it up by getting a washcloth out of the cabinet and wetting it in the tub (he couldn’t reach the sink) and was “cleaning” the floor with a SOAKING wet rag!!

  10. Melissa Miller says

    Don’t make me come up there moment in my house was when my kids discovered my makeup. They looked like clowns, it was all over the floor and walls.
    Another time was when my cousin’s kids where at my house and they got into some lotion and used it in their hair, my carpet and down the stairs. Not fun to clean up, but they sure smelled good.

  11. Kristen says

    I was loading some things into the car and my husband was napping in the recliner when my oldest, who was 4 at the time, decided to give herself a haircut. We were just about to leave for dentist appointments, too. Luckily our hairdresser was able to fit in an “emergency” trim and, amazingly, we even made it to the dentist on time!

  12. says

    My 2 oldest when they were our only 2 children. Decided to empty out a box of cheerios and the powder all over their room, durring naptime one day. it just so happens I was in the beggining of labor with my 3rd son while I cleaned up the mess. Never will forget that one!

  13. Jill says

    I have several I can think of with my 3 kids…but the youngest (21 months) is the one that is getting into all kinds of craziness lately. Just the other night he had splashed water all out of the tub during his bath, despite being told to stop splashing), so I removed him from the tub and while cleaning up the mess he went straight to the dining room and climbed in his sister’s chair and dumped out her full glass of water all over the floor. So, I used the same towel I had just wiped up the bathroom with and cleaned up the dining room. And while cleaning up the dining room, he runs back to the bathroom and starts playing with the toilet and flushes it. Guess he likes water. :-)

  14. Jessica says

    I have two stories that really stand out in my mind. The first one, well you’ll find out and the second one because it just happened last week.

    My 2 and 4 year old son and daughter were up playing in their room. They had gotten pretty quiet and before I could find out what they were up to my 2 year old, potty training son came out naked and said he had peed on the floor. I started up the stairs to clean it up and my daughter comes out naked too thinking everything is pretty funny. She states that she too, had peed on the bed… then pooped on the bed and that the dog had eaten it. I raced up the stairs to find what she had said was true. I was disappointed because she really knows better and I never expected that behavior. Suffice it to say I was not a happy Mama that day.

    However, just last week while I was upstairs my son proceeded to open the dog food container and spill about 25lbs of dog food on the kitchen floor. Both my children then decided to “ice skate” on the dog food because it provided such a nice slippery surface. I could hear that they were into something they shouldn’t be and I raced down the stairs to be completely shocked by the mess I found.

  15. Candace says

    When my son was very little… maybe two?… he was in some time out in his room for an infraction that I don’t recall. He was apparently very angry about it and when I went to his room a couple minutes later to tell him he could come out, he had emptied his entire dresser and flung the clothes around his room. Yikes! Needless to say, he hade to help with a big cleanup project rather than get to leave his room. Kind of funny in retrospect, although probably not at the time.

  16. Sue S. says

    I was watching our 2 little grandbabies ages 2 1/2 and 16 mons (boy oldest & girl youngest), it was dinner and I always faced them to look at each other in their highchairs. Dinner was spagetti w/butter and Parmasean cheese (no sause too messing). I was on Skype w/our oldest daughter and turned the computer towards the kiddies so she could keep an eye on them while I washed the dishes (we were all in the kitchen). When I hear my daughter say “Mom, I think you need to come over here and look at the kids”. when I turned around from the dishes I had to laugh. They were having a food fight and spagetti was everywhere! In their hair, all over their bodies and all over the floor!. I now understood all the laughter that was going on. Oh yea I just let them finish their food fight and eat what they picked off of themselves. Then bath time!! great memories they continue to give us every day!!

  17. Sheri says

    At the moment I can’t think of a single funny “don’t make me come up there” moment. I have really been interested in reading this book.