CLOSED! “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!” – Devotional Book Giveaway

And, the winners are:

Anne L. who said, “One of the funniest don’t make me come up there moments was when it was too quiet and the kids would not answer when I yelled to them. I went upstairs and my daughter had actually cleaned the whole playroom.”

Rachel who said, “I don’t know if this is the absolute funniest, but it’s fresh in my mind. Last week my 4-year-old son came to the top of the stairs long after he was supposed to be in bed. “Mommy, I can’t control myself.” My husband and I looked at each other. “What?” we asked in bewilderment. “I can’t control myself: I keep getting out of bed!” It was a good thing he couldn’t see us as we burst into silent laughter.”

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“I couldn’t help thinking of the last time my children had scattered up the stairs and disappeared into a quiet abyss. Initially, I thought they were just delighting in one another’s company, holding hands, and making paper daisies. But that thought lasted for 1.2 seconds before I snapped out of my delusion only to discover my oldest giving her brother a “haircut” and my youngest smearing soap all over the bathroom. . . “

There is a gem out there in the blogosphere…and her name is Kristen Welch!  I’ve had the opportunity to meet her and speak with her on a book publishing panel. She is as open, honest, transparent as they come. She will love you, challenge you and take your heartstrings to places they don’t really want to go, but need to go. She does all this on her blog, We Are THAT Family, and now in her new devotional book for moms…titled, “Don’t Make Me Come Up There!

(The cover of the book explains it all!)

If you’re a busy mom who needs quiet moments, this is a book for you!!!

This week we are giving away 2 copies of this wonderful book…entry details…

Giveaway Details

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