December Menu Plan

Well, I can’t believe it’s almost December! I am not quite sure how I am going to “squeeze in” all that needs to be done this holiday season…even with all my shopping already done! There’s Christmas cards to be made, homemade gifts to be assembled, along with holiday dinners, brunches, other fun events and much more. I sure am glad to “have a food plan” for this holiday! At least there will be no stress in that department!

You will notice that it stops on the 20th! I will be taking a brief “break”, as I will not be cooking for a bit. But have no fear, I’ve got lots of great posts and guest posts lined up for while I’m on my “cooking hiatus”!

So, without further ado…

1 – Happy Birthday Hubs, we’re going out! Kids will eat leftover GF Pizza and broccoli with our babysitter!
2 – Honey Dijon Fish (Thanks Kathleen!) with Rice and Green Beans
3 – Cheese Enchiladas (Thanks Rhonda!), Black Beans and Spanish Rice
4 – Chicken and Dumplings (Thanks Renee!)
5 – Beef Skillet Burrito with Corn (Thanks Kristen!)
6 – Green Pepper Soup (Thanks Dina!)
7 – Leftovers

A reader suggested doing a week of meals from my favorite cookbooks, so here we go!

8 – Instant Potato Pizza and Peas/Carrots
9 – Broccoli Tuna Casserole
10- Curried Split Peas and Rice
11- Fried Noodles
12- Honey Baked Lentils, Rice and Pears
13- Potato Spinach Bake with Glazed Carrots
14- Impossible Cheeseburger Pie and Sweet Potatoes

15- Chili with Cornbread and Apples
16- Asian Chicken Wraps and Snowpeas
17- Spaghetti with Homemade Sauce and Green Beans
18- BBQ Apple Chicken and Sweet Potatoes, Peas
19- Leftovers
20- Cooking Hiatus Begins…I will return to cooking after the New Year!

I linked in the recipes that I already have. For all the other meals, I will post the recipe the night that I make the dinner!


  1. Betsy says

    We’re big fans of the Baked Lentils with Cheese (I’m assuming Honey Baked Lentils is from MWL). I’ll have to give them a try when I get that cookbook back–loaned it to a friend.


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