The Deadline Edition – $5 Dinner Challenge

No recipe from me tonight.

My head is buried in the sand on the beaches of Manuscript Deadline.

I have no idea what we’re having for dinner tonight. And I’m OK with that.

Please leave your links for us. After a week of gritting sand between my teeth and dreaming about Tyler crawling around in my editor’s office in the Flatiron Building in New York, I’ll be in need of some recipe inspiration!


  1. ATL Cook says

    I keep about 30 menus in NOTES on iPhone. As I read about things in magazines, blogs, and cookbooks, I enter them on iPhone. I make a grocery list and use that to shop by. I am type 2 diabetic so my menus are very light on carbs. Cooking for one means I cook what I like. I am adding home made popsicles to menus; was 100º in ATL today. I want a ZOKU.

    Grilled London Broil (top sirloin), lemon risotto, dinner salad, kiwi and banana fruit cup. I have both lemon basil and lemon thyme. I will use that instead of lemon zest. Mmm

    Meatballs with tofu noodles, broccoli salad, fresh apricots

    Grilled Seafood kebobs, lentil salad, fruit & cheese plate

    Orzo, Lentils & Salmon salad, berries with Cool Whip

    Tomato sandwich–from my garden, blueberry mini pie

    Grilled pork chop, spinach salad, yogurt parfait (fresh apricot freezer jam)


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