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Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Mix

Hey y’all! The boys were begging (seriously, begging) for hot cocoa the other night. So in an attempt to appease their pleading, I stumbled across an amazing “homemade dairy free hot cocoa mix.” Most (if not all) store bought cocoa mix contains dry milk of some kind, so I never get it for them. But this mix that I blended up is simple and perfect, plus it tastes great in both rice and almond milk (haven’t tried soy milk).

Hop on over to Food Allergies on a Budget to grab the recipe. Make as much or little as you think you’ll drink!


  1. Noahsmomma says

    LINK DIDN’T WORK, BUT IF YOU GO TO THE TOP OF THAT BLOG page and click on recipes. It’s the 1st recipe. Click on it and the recipe is there.

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