How to Cut a Green Pepper {Video}

Green Peppers

Or perhaps the wrong way to cut a green pepper?!?

I am a total green pepper cutting rebel and do my own thing when it comes to dicing, slicing and cutting green peppers. I am not, however, a rebel without a cause.

I definitely cut with a cause.  In this case, freezing all these green peppers!  In the end, I wound up with the following meal size portions:

(And sorry for the funky lighting and for talking so softly…this was, after all, a $5 Dinners iPhone production!)

So how about you?!  How do you cut, slice or dice green?! Are you a rebel too?!

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I cut green peppers a totally different way. But, I don’t feel like a rebel because it is the way my mom taught me. I cut it right down the middle through the stem and just pull out the insides from the bottom up and the stem just kind of pops out. It leaves every edible peace possible to eat however you slice it.

I actually now cut it the second way you show most of the time….it depends on my mood! hehe

sometimes i cut it like carrie mentioned….actually that was how I was taught and then starting cutting it at the top down to keep all the seeds in tack!

I start on one side of the stem and cut all the way around in half. Then the stem pops out with the seeds and I have the entire pepper I can cut up and use.

I didn’t know there was another way!!! Cutting off both ends, what a huge waste of green peppers which are VERY expensive!!

Hmmm…interesting. I always just cut a circle around the stem, then cut it in half, clean out the seeds and then slice and dice, but some of these methods sound so much simpler!

I just gave away a lot of green peppers from our garden…I was getting tired of cutting them! LOL Whatever variety we bought turned out very small, so i had to do all this cutting on each pepper, for a very little usable amount of pepper….it got annoying! LOL But I did end up with 4 or 5 bags of diced and 2 or 3 sliced so far. I’ll have to try some of these ways on our future peppers! Thanks!

We are creatures of habit. I have cut my peppers the same way for years just like my mom did. I have muttered about cutting those silly little ends. and yes I threw them out. After watching your video, I will be cutting my peppers differently. It is so simple, and I wonder, why didn’t I think of that. Thank you for the new to me idea.

I am totally a bell pepper rebel! It always bothered me how much was wasted in the traditional way.

I actually flip the pepper upside down, stabalizing it with one hand since the stem is still on, and then I cut slits down the natural crevices of the pepper. Then I basically rip each of these pieces apart. This leave the stem and most of the membrane whole to be discarded. I mentioned this in a previous post when I made . fajitas I should have made a video to explain it!