More Sprouts and Some New Critters – SFG Update

The garden continues to flourish! Likely from all the rain!


The squash plants have started to make tiny squash. There are at least 1 on each of the 6 plants I have in the side patch near the square foot planters.

Last year, I grew green beans in the side patch…and they did quite well.  Apparently, a seed from one of the beans from last year that fell into the soil has sprouted.  I’m going to let it up and try to run it around the wire fence that surrounds the side patch.  Maybe we’ll get some “wild” green beans?!?


When picking lettuce for the pulled pork lettuce wraps earlier this week, I found a slug. I immediately found some salt and took care of it.

Then I pulled up another Romaine leaf and discovered what was causing the little holes that I mentioned last week. I had mercy on this one…despite the evil eye it’s giving me!

I picked the leaf and placed the leaf in an empty pot near the garden.  I’m hoping that the entire leaf will satisfy him, make him fat…and that he’ll make a chrysalis nearby.  Ryan has studied caterpillars and butterflies at school…and much of this is his idea!

If you’d like to learn more about Square Foot Gardening, please check out the Square Foot Gardening books by Mel Bartholemew.

Please tell us what’s happening in your garden this week!!! New growth, any new critters?!


  1. Irene D. says

    Glad you spared the caterpillar. Even though he can destroy your garden, he still was kind of cute. Almost like a cartoon character. Lets hope he does turn into a butterfly. That would be great for the boys.

  2. says

    Oh you are too kind. Those little green caterpillars really know how to wreck a garden. I was spinning some fresh picked salad this weekend and most have overlooked one of these critters. The spinning process flung it off the lettuce. I’m a salad spinner lover now! LOL.

    Oh, I’l jealous of the squash! LOL. I had to re-plant mine once already due to the rains and storms we are getting here in the Southwest.

    Extraordinary Life

  3. says

    O.M.G. I had holes in my cabbage that I just knew were from the FIVE hail storms we’ve had in the last month but after reading this, I went a flipped a leaf and there were TWO of those buggers!!!! Did some research – found where you can dust the cabbage with flour and the worms will eat the flour, become bloated and die. I’ll be flour-dusting tomorrow morning! Sorry worms – but I can’t take year after year of the bugs defeating my garden!!! =( But thanks for the post!

  4. Adam says

    To get rid of slugs, leave a bowl of beer in the garden overnight. Slugs can’t resist it, and in the morning you’ll find a (disgusting) bowl full of old beer and dead slugs.

    Also, while I can’t say I feel much compassion for slugs, salting them has always struck me as pointlessly cruel.

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