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This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Jenny! Enjoy!

If you’re looking for a present under $20 for Christmas, you have to check out Cracker Barrel’s Great Gifts (they even offer free gift wrap). Cracker Barrel sent us some classic great gifts that we love. The wood train set, the wood works airplane, and a sock monkey hat…nothing powered by batteries. The classic wood train set comes with a track, train cars and other accessories. The train cars attach by magnets on either end which make them fun to move around!

My boys did not delay in getting the trains set up…and we are learning some valuable lessons in “turn taking” with the sock monkey hat! It is highly sought after  at our house. And insanely adorable on each of their heads too!

Butterflies Dolls are a line of 8 dolls that are made exclusively for the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. They each have their own personality and name! The Butterflies are powered by your child’s imagination and creativity rather than batteries. Each doll comes with her own outfit and you can purchase more clothes separately. Their hair already comes in the doll’s favorite hairstyle, so if your child likes to do her doll’s hair, this doll may not be the best for that. However, you can take all of their hair accessories out and put them in differently.

To help these dolls feel even more life-like, you can buy extra accessories and furniture. The gift basket comes with the utensil set, the doll chef hat & apron, Butterflies plush cupcake and a Butterflies tote. These accessories are fun because they help make your child’s Butterflies doll seem even more realistic. She can cook with your child, dress up with your child – and do anything she can imagine!

Cracker Barrel is giving away a wonderful gift basket filled with the following goodies:

  • 1 of the 8 Unique Butterflies Dolls
  • Butterflies Utensil Set
  • Butterflies Doll Chef Hat & Apron
  • Butterflies Plush Cupcake
  • Butterflies Tote
  • Wood Train Set
  • Wood Works Airplane
  • Sock Monkey Hat

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  1. Stacey S. says

    I love the Cracker Barrel store because they have such unique gifts. My youngest son would love the wooden train.

  2. Julianne Brimner says

    My daughter wants a sock monkey for Christmas. I love buying ornaments there for gifts and the free gift wrapping is incredible. I told my hubby we could probably find something for everyone at Cracker Barrel.

  3. says

    We love to eat at Cracker Barrel & then browse through their unique shop. I always buy greetings cards & gifts for our family. They have such a wide variety of seasonal gifts that you need to stop in often as their merchandise changes with the seasons.

  4. Alethea G says

    I like shopping for the unique gifts. Sometimes we find gifts that we cannot find anywhere else. I also like the goats milk lotions that they sell

  5. Alethea G says

    I like shopping for the unique gifts. Sometimes we find gifts that we cannot find anywhere else. I also like the goats milk lotions that they sell. My oldest will be getting the blue evening bag, and all 3 of my kids will be getting sock monkey hats. They are sooooo cute.

  6. Teresa F says

    I always buy their Rootbeer in a bottle. My god daughter is going to get the Gator girls cheerleader outfit from Cracker Barrel. Thank you

  7. Lori says

    I love the unique gifts there. It’s the perfect place for gifts for teachers or those who enjoy decorating for holidays.

  8. Cathy kelenski says

    Whenever we go to cracker barrel, my kids live to pick out unique toys from their assortment. These giveaways would be distributed to each of my four children, ages 9, 7, 5 and 2.

  9. Lee says

    Oh, my goodness! I love Cracker Barrel! Not only do they have scrumptious food, they have wonderful gift items. I always find cookbooks and candy and cute toys at their store. I’ve got the new Kenny Rogers gospel album on my Christmas list, and it’s found at Cracker Barrel. My family would love to win this gift basket. Thanks.

  10. Renee says

    Who doesn’t love shopping for items at Cracker Barrel? I have bought kids clothes, toys, stocking stuffers, jewelery, salt and pepper shakers, americana items, and cookbooks. There is always so much to see. To date, my most favorite item, has been a snowflake necklace, I bought perhaps 5 years ago. I actually took it to my beloved and said, ” Here is this is something for you to put in my stocking! It wasn’t very expensive, but to this day, I always get compliments on that necklace!

  11. Jenni says

    When I go to Cracker Barrel, I love shopping in their toys section because the toys are very simple and old fashioned, and don’t need the silly touch screens and things that everyone requires now.

    I have two cousins who are siblings, and one is a 5 year old girl, and the other is a 4 year old boy. My girl cousin would be getting the Butterflies toys, and my boy cousin would love the other toys, ESPECIALLY the train set. He’s going through the boy-ish train phase right now.

  12. lula lacroix says

    my daughter would love the dolls. And who doesn’t shop in Cracker Barrel’s candy section after a meal?

  13. Sheralyn Brown says

    We LOVE shopping at Cracker Barrel…we love the toys, gifts and the candy….LOVE the old fashioned candy sticks!!

  14. Joyce says

    Cracker Barrel….Snacker Barrel ! I love everyting about this unique store. I like their seasonal items lilke last year I bought a gingerbread house and in the sumer, outdoor decorations. Their candy is welcome, too.

  15. Glenda Penny says

    I would love to give the Butterfly doll to my great niece Krista..sock monkey for my nephews Wesley and Justin.