Costco Meal Plan Printables – $1.77 Valentine’s Sale!

Costco Meal Plan Printables - Just $1.77 Valentine's Sale!

UPDATE: Sale has ended.

Since I really can’t send along a bunch of flowers to each and everyone of you to show how grateful I am for your support of the site, the recipes and everything we do around here…I thought I’d offer a great discount on BOTH of the printable sets for the Costco 20 Meals for $150 meal plans!

Give yourself the gift of savings! I’ve temporarily reduced the prices of the printables, so you can now get both sets of your printables for just $1.77! 

20 Meals from Costco for $150 – Plan #1

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20 Meals from Costco for $150 – Plan #2 

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(To add them both to your cart, click each one! The proceed to checkout!)

Sale ends at midnight EST on Valentine’s Day! 



  1. Lauren says

    This is great – thank you! My 5 kids are getting bigger, and the grocery bill is putting me into shock :)
    Don’t you have another website or 2? One skillet meals or something? looked everywhere for it and can’t find it.
    BTW, I have your lunch cookbook and I love it!

  2. says

    Was are you charging for these. They were free a few weeks ago. I always came to your blog because there were many ideas that helped me save money.

  3. Meghan L says

    I purchased and dowloaded to my phone, but am unable to open the file ob my phone. Is it possible to have them emailed?

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