Complete List of Cookbook Winners Posted

Hey y’all!

I’m completely blown away by all the entries and support from y’all. 

Y’all are rocking my socks off! (That silly phrase has been stuck in my head for days…and I needed to get it out.  Hope it doesn’t get stuck in yours!  If it does, I do apologize!)

The complete list of cookbook winners from the Cookbook Giveaway MANIA has been posted!!!

All winners have been emailed…so if you see your name, check your inbox as well as your junk mail, just to be safe!

If you were not a winner, I’d be honored if you’d purchase the cookbook! 

Details on purchasing the book can be found here

Congrats to all the winners!


  1. KHenry says

    I got my cookbook from my husband for Christmas. I had hinted for awhile how much I wanted it. It has become my bible for cooking. We started living more frugal this fall after we decided to adopt and knew we needed extra money. I knew that I could be more savy with coupons and deals and already I have saved us alot of money. So thanks for helping us all see we can eat well and live cheaper!!! KHenry

  2. Ellen says

    Congrats to all the winners. I commented on the winner area – not sure if I’m the same Ellen C? It would be great if I am. I purged many email accounts I have just at the beginning of the new year so I may have accidentally missed your email. Could you double-check? Thanks.

  3. Susan says

    I bought your cookbook yesterday (since I didn’t win one! LOL!)

    Found it at Border’s.

    I have already read it cover to cover. As a collector of cookbooks and a person who LOVES to cook (and save money) I have to say this book should be in every new bride’s home (or anyone just starting out)

    I especially like the cookbooks with everyday ingredients and easy to follow instructions.Yours is excellent!! Thanks for such a great book!

  4. Mary says

    Loving your cookbook – my mom bought it for me for Christmas. My favorite part is how you use squash in so many recipes. I love squash and can see us saving a TON on meals this fall when we reap the rewards of our large garden! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!

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