Chili-Cornbread Cups – $5 Dinner Challenge

This recipe can now be found exclusively in The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook.


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  1. RockerWife says

    Oh, perfect timing for this recipe! I have chili in the fridge that hubby made a couple of days ago and no one is eating it. I’m going to make the cornbread from scratch, and put a bit of it in the bottom of the muffin tins, chili in the middle, and more of the cornbread mixture on top. I’ll see if I can send you a pic. Off to the kitchen. Thank you!

  2. Martha A. says

    I made chili yesterday and posted the recipe on my blog! It was really cheap and easy and we had it for two meals with cornbread one night and over rice tonight!

  3. Michelle says

    That looks really good, Erin. I’ve got chili coming up on the menu in a couple weeks. This would be a good way to use it over a couple of meals!

  4. trishtator says

    My friends and I have enjoyed the challenge of 5 dollar dinners. And, with gluten free, it’s been an extra-fun challenge! Thank you!

  5. BumbleVee says

    hey…this looks fun as well as tasty… I’ll be back to see if I can add one in the new year…. by then a lot of people will be wanting to try “frugal” …

  6. Jennifer says

    I was on a search for easy recipes this week and came across this one (I have you on Google Reader!).
    I made the chili on Monday night and didn’t get around to making this meal until tonight (Thursday).
    I put a little cornbread batter on the bottom of the muffin tin and topped with chili, then a little dollop of batter on top.
    It was amazing!
    Thanks so much for inspiring me!
    Congrats on your new one coming!

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