Chili – 5 Ways (or maybe 7!)

There are probably 1,000 different ways to make chili.  Beans, no beans. If so, what kind of beans. What cut of meat. Diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes or crushed tomatoes. Fresh crushed garlic, or fresh minced garlic.  Heat, or sweet, or both.  Top with sour cream, or shredded cheese. Green onions or red onions. Sharp cheddar or mild cheddar. Or…

Endless possibilities…

For today, I’ll give you 5 ways!

  1. With Pasta Wheels…Chuckwagon Chili.
  2. Without the Meat…Vegetarian Chili.
  3. With Chicken…Chicken Enchilada Chili.
  4. In the Slow Cooker…Spicy Slow Cooker Chili.
  5. Topped with Cornbread…Chili-Cornbread Cups.
  6. Served over Potatoes…Chili-Topped Potatoes.
  7. Served in a Bread Bowl…Spicy Southern Chili.

OK…maybe 7 ways.

I couldn’t help it!

What’s your favorite way to “do” chili!?


  1. says

    I make a pot of chili then with the leftovers we eat Chili Cheese Nachos later in the week. If there are any leftovers after that I’ll mix cooked rice with it and fill tortillas for Burritos or Enchiladas. :)

  2. says

    Growing up, we ALWAYS served chili over rice. Apparently we are in the minority! When my dad was growing up in the 50s, his mom served it over macaroni – probably the cheapest way to do it when you are serving 10 hungry people for ever meal.


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