CLOSED! 40 Pounds Boneless Skinless Chicken Giveaway – Zaycon Foods

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is Amanda S!!!

Congrats…I’ve sent out an email to you! Be on the lookout!

A few months back, someone knocked on my door…and handed over a case of fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts. I had a nice chat with the gentleman about the chicken, the company and what I planned to do with all this chicken!

I batch grilled about 15 lbs worth, then divided up the remaining 25 lbs. into gallon size plastic freezer baggies with a variety of marinades…Frank’s Red Hot, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Soy-Sesame Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Italian dressing…some store bought, some homemade! All in all, I prepared 30 meals worth of chicken from the 40 lbs. in the case. Whoosh!

I’ve partnered up with Zaycon Foods to bring you fresh, never frozen, straight from the farm boneless, skinless chicken breasts! They are sold in 40 lb. cases at just $1.59/lb. (plus tax if applicable). They are a wonderful company and I’m thrilled that they offer such a great product to the public, at wholesale prices!

They are currently delivering in certain areas of Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state.  But don’t fret…they are expanding their delivery service this fall to these locations.

Since they don’t deliver in all locations, we’ve made it fair for all. Here’s how you can all win…

  • If the winner lives near a delivery location , we’ll credit their Zaycon Foods account in the amount of $65.00. This credit can be used for chicken or any other Zaycon Foods products.
  • If the winner lives outside the delivery locations and would not be able to pick up their product, we’ll send you a $65 to get chicken from your grocery store.
  • Must be registered with Zaycon Foods!

Giveaway Details

Contest is open from Wednesday, September 7th at 9 am EST to Friday, September 9th at 7 pm EST. Open to US residents, 18 years and older.

  • Or if you are not on Facebook, you can enter the contest here. (UPDATE: Link is working now!  Thanks for your patience!)

Official Rules

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I did receive a 40 lb. case of chicken as part of our partnership.

P.S. This is the first time using this new giveaway system…if you have trouble, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get it fixed right away! Thanks for your patience!


  1. Darcy Koski says

    Thanks for this opportunity! I am not far from Dayton so hopefully I can check into them more for when they deliver. I love buying in bulk and making things ahead of time if I can, if I can’t at least I do know what I am making. Chicken breast is definitely an easy and quick meal here! :) Love your site!

  2. Elizabeth says

    What a fantastic company! I’m not in their area, but who knows? Maybe they’ll come to the Charlotte area eventually!

  3. danielle says

    wow what a blessing this would be to our family! I wish they were in our area!!!! I would use them for sure!!!! great deal for chicky! Come on name drawing software!!!! Our grocery budget could certainly use the help! lol

  4. says

    Friend of mine asked about vegetarians? I don’t think she’s in a Zaycon location. If she is, I know she can use it for other items. If she isn’t, does she just get a check to use at her local grocery store?

  5. Kristen says

    The link for people not on facebook appears to still take you to facebook, where you need to log on. So is it not available to people not on facebook? Bummer if it isn’t.

  6. Wendy Keegan says

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. If I win can I donate the chicken to a charity or food bank? Thanks.

  7. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway–we eat chicken often. I’m already registered with Zaycon Foods and I think they come to Salem, OR (which isn’t too far from me)

  8. Michelle says

    I’m new to your site and just love it! I’m already registered at Zaycon but missed out on the earlier opportunity for the chicken breasts. I appreciate any chance to win food!! It’s very generous of you!

  9. Rhonda Hall says

    will not let me enter the giveaway thru link not using facebook..keeps giving me a 502 error…
    but would love to enter and share chicken with my extended family at a fall cookout next month..I got 18 bottles of free K.C> masterpiece bbq sauce a fews weeks ago and could put it to good use/..

  10. wendy t says

    i have tried to enter the sweepstakes as well using the link for those of us that aren’t on facebook but i also get a connection error. is there a place on their website to enter?

  11. says

    When I try to enter the contest using the link provided I get this message:
    502 Bad Gateway
    The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.

    I don’t want to enter thru FB because I have those apps blocked.

  12. says

    I don’t want to enter because I have already been blessed by JC and Mike with this amazing chicken. I just wanted everyone to know that it is really good! I’ve been cooking on it and posting recipes like crazy. I cannot wait until they come to our area and we can become regular customers.

    The key is to get as many of your friends to register as possible. If they get enough interest in an area (about 50 people), they will add it to their list.

  13. Lisa M says

    Erin, I tried the link for those not on Facebook (yes, I’m a Facebook holdout!) and it takes me to Facebook and wants me to sign in. I’d love to enter this and I am thrilled that Zaycon Foods will be delivering to my area in the fall! We buy a side of beef each year and this would be a great way to stock up on chicken, which we eat all the time, too! Love It!

  14. Lauren says

    I am trying too! The link takes me to the initial Facebook page, but when I try and enter, it wants me to log in. I have never heard of this company – it sounds great!

  15. Leah Craig says

    I am also getting re-directed to the FB page when I click on the non-FB link. I am registered with Zaycon and would LOVE to win this!! Thank you for all you do!

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