Cheeseburgers with Salad

4 Burger Patties ($1.50)
4 Buns ($.50)
4 Cheese Slices ($.74)
Ketchup/Mustard ($.10)
Almost Cobb” Side Salad (Free…are leftovers free???)
3 Corn ears (still $1)
Watermelon Slices ($.25) ($2.99 for whole watermelon and $1.50 for a whole canteloupe this week!)

1. Grill Burger patties and top with cheese as they finish grilling. Serve on “grill toasted” bun with condiments of your choice.
2. Boil or grill corncobs. Serve with salad, watermelon and burgers!

As you can see, I’m completely torn between grilling and crockpotting! It’s barely warm enough to grill, and barely cold enough for the crockpot! We’re having the same problem with clothes (happens every April and October!)…can’t put away the summer clothes, but can’t get out all the winter clothes…drawers aren’t big enough! Happy Fall everyone!

Cost $4.19


  1. Martha A. says

    You must be a cooler state than us, we had some warm days last week, but this week, it is fall now!
    It is in the 30’s at night and 50 something now.
    I still am not using my heater though!

    I think leftovers count as free because you counted the whole thing yesterday when you ate it!
    Good job!

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