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Minecraft Book for Kids

So I was going to try to pull all my turkeys together for a photograph, but then decided that I’d rather save those “mommy points” and bribery notices for the big Christmas card photo that will have to happen at some point this week. Likely, as soon as their shirts come in. I’m all about the “let’s get it over with” philosophy this year. Sigh.

Yesterday, I rocked the savings at both Land’s End & Children’s Place and scored some adorable shirts/fleeces for the boys to show off in our Christmas photo.


The boys are home all week from school for what I guess is supposed to be a “fall break.” So to prevent the “MOM, I’M BORED”s that are inevitable, I’m turning to 2 of my lovely and talented friends for help!

Tricia and Stef both have created some valuable tools that our family adores. Ryan is super into art and chalk pastels, which makes Tricia’s books so handy…as I can say “pick one and get started.” Charlie is super into Legos, which makes Stef’s new Winter Bricks activity book so amazing too…as I can say “pick one and get started.” We all make a mess, we are all happy…and there are no “mom, i’m bored” comments!

(Here is Charlie’s creation from yesterday. 3D Santa’s sleigh, complete with gift bag and gifts!)

(Here is Charlie searching for what he wanted to make.)


minecraft cover final

My oldest son Ryan wrote a book. A Minecraft book for kids. (Because they don’t exist, and it’s all he wants to read about.) It’s called “Trivoon & the Green Doom: A Blox Adventures Book.” (This is Stef’s son getting started reading it.)

We are just finishing up the 2nd book and it is on Kindle, as of this morning! .

Book #3 will be done by the end of the week. So stay tuned for more details.

Trivoon & the Green Doom

Herobrine’s Ore-iddle

If your kiddos are Minecraft crazed…they need these books :)

Read, then play“…that’s the motto at our house!!!

Once all 3 books are written, we will bundle them for a discounted price…so feel free to wait to buy them!

Here’s some more information on our boredom busters for the week ~

Chalk Pastels Tutorials

Winter Bricks Activities

Oh yeah…there’s also the pies and feasts, and deals to share too. Sigh.

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho…it’s back to work I go…

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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