CLOSED! Char Crust – Seals in the Juices! – Giveaway

Update: Here are the 10 winners of the Char Crust Dry Rub seasoning packs:

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Congratulations to all the lucky winners!  And, stay tuned for some more awesome giveaways coming up on $5 Dinners!

Heard of Char Crust?!

I hadn’t until recently…and boy am I glad I have!  Char Crust is a family owned and operated company that specializes in Dry Rubs for all types of meat, poultry and fish.  They will make your food taste goooooood.

Not sure what a dry rub is!?  It’s a mixture of the perfect spices that you rub onto your meat, poultry or chicken.  Let it sit…then cook it to perfection!  Grill it, roast it, saute it, bake it…if it’s got the Char Crust rub on it, it’ll sure to please everyone at your table.

Love this shot of a Char Crust demo in Marshall Field’s in Chicago circa 1960! (I’m totally into vintage right now…you’ll find out why soon enough!)

Top Ten Reasons People Love Char Crust

10. It seals in the juices.
9. It’s made in the USA by a small family business since 1957.
8. It’s certified kosher.
7. It’s fast & easy.
6. It’s low fat.
5. It adds mouth-watering flavor to any meat or fish.
4. It seals in the juices.
3. It makes my family happy.
2. It is natural.
1. Only Char Crust® Seals in the Juices®.

Doesn’t that tenderloin look mouthwatering-ly delicious?! Please try not to drool on the computer screen!

You can learn more about Char Crust Rubs and check out their Consumer FAQ for more information!

And now onto the giveaway details…We’re giving away 1 package of Char Crust to 10 winners…flavor of your choice!  Flavors like Roasted Garlic Peppercorn, Original Hickory Grilled, and All American Barbecue…

Here’s what you need to know!

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Wednesday, September 15th at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment just saying you want to win.

3. Entry #2: Follow me on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment. If you don’t tweet, it’s TONZ of fun and you should join in!

4. Entry #3: Become a Facebook Fan, or subscribe by email or in an RSS reader! Be sure to leave another comment for your third entry. :)

5. Winner will be selected by

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  1. Joyce says

    There was a young woman who danced in the tub,
    She was happy ’cause she just won… some Char Crust Rub !!!

    I wanna’ be her ! I mean I wanna’ be she !!!

  2. BCholly says

    I would love to win. Can Canadians enter…. I’ve been a follower since…. since…. nearly the beginning. LOL.

  3. BCholly says

    I am a follower and have subbed to your e-mail since nearly the beginning. I love your ideas and recipes, thanks for all your work.

  4. Christine says

    Char Crust is Awesome!!! It has it really adds to the flavor of meat! I would love to win! You would make my family so happy!