Fiesta Beans and Rice

Fiesta Beans and Rice |

Rice and beans will always be a $5 Dinner. Unless, of course, you go all sorts of crazy and add in expensive spices like saffron or cardamom (2 of the more expensive spices). Rice is crazy cheap…especially if you buy in bulk. And beans might be even cheaper when you buy dried beans and cook them yourself. (They are really easy to cook…if you haven’t tried it, you should. … [Read more...]

Shrimp Mango Curry

Shrimp Mango Curry |

Shrimp reeks expensive. And it certainly can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Shrimp can be bought in a number of different varieties…cooked, raw, fresh, frozen, tailless, by count, from mini to jumbo prawn.  It’s often on unadvertised sales, and can be found for less at “non-chain” grocery stores. The next most expensive ingredient in many curries is the coconut … [Read more...]

Sloppy Joe Bowls

Sloppy Joe Bowls

This recipe is featured in the 21 Gluten Free Freezer Cooking Recipes from Costco Meal Plan #5. This recipe is part of the latest 21 Gluten Free Meals from Costco Plan. I had the most fun making these Sloppy Joes...probably the most fun time ever making Sloppy Joes. Reason being...I had help from the oldest sous chef in the house. Ryan is almost 9 and I decided to use … [Read more...]

Honey Mustard Lentils & Rice Casserole

Honey Mustard Lentil Rice Casserole on

What's with the crazy half-fluffed photo, Erin? I know that's what your thinking. I haven't lost my mind. Well...since this cooking method is probably a new concept for many of you, I decided to just fluff half of the dish before snapping the photo so that you can see what it will look like when it comes out of the oven. And what it will look like once it's … [Read more...]

Chorizo Rice Skillet Dinner {New Recipe ~ 31 Days of Gluten Free Meals}

Chorizo Rice Skillet Dinner from

One of the beautiful things about a pantry challenge (from 2 weeks ago!) is that you unearth treasures from the depths of your freezer. And one of those treasures for me was a 20 oz. package of chorizo links. (Score!) I knew right away that I could pull off another 'pantry challenge meal' with the chorizo, along with some rice and other goodies in the pantry. Plus a lone … [Read more...]