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Chicken, Pineapple, & Pepper Kebabs ~ 31 Days of Grilling Recipes


Talk about a kid-friendly boys love these kebabs and I have a feeling your kiddos will love them too! (Although I usually end up picking the grilled onion pieces off their plates...because I adore grilled onions!) They are sweet and spicy and just perfect with the pineapple, the onions and the peppers. The spice comes from a Sweet Chili Asian sauce, and it is a … [Read more...]

Grilled Pork Chops with Peaches and Red Onions ~ 31 Days of Grilling Recipes

grilled peaches pork chops 5

These 3 ingredients...all grilled together and served on the same plate...divine. A simple, tasty and crazy budget friendly meal! Summer means peaches are in season and super ripe. Remove the seed from a ripe peach, throw it on the grill next to your pork chops and onion slices. You'll have a party of smoky flavors on your taste buds...and this might become your new … [Read more...]

Grilled Pizza Pockets ~ 31 Days of Grilling Recipes


If you want that great 'smoky crust' flavor that you get when you go to a pizza joint with a brick oven, you should try these! There's just something about grilled pizza, and these pizza pockets are a fun and delicious way to change up pizza night this summer. No need to heat up the kitchen when you can make pizza/pizza pockets on the grill. (And they'll cost a fraction of … [Read more...]

Grilled Ground Chicken Burgers ~ NEW 31 Days of Grilling Recipes

Grilled Ground Chicken Burgers

Hello gorgeous. Not only is this chicken burger gorgeous to look at, it's got a gorgeous taste too. (Can you use the word gorgeous to describe how something tastes??? I think so. Don't you.) These burgers call for ground chicken, bits of chopped bell peppers and onion and an amazing set of spices and herbs to kick the flavor to that 'gorgeous taste' dimension. You … [Read more...]