Angie’s Baked Mac & Cheese Balls


There's a small family owned restaurant near my house called Philly's. I am addicted to their mac & cheese bites and needed to find a way to make them at home because Philly's isn't open 27/4. I also try to bake instead of fry and these mac & cheese balls are perfect. I suppose they are supposed to be for an appetizer or side dish, but frankly nothing else gets eaten … [Read more...]

Zucchini Meatballs

Zucchini Meatballs-2

Summer is upon us. (Maybe, I did see a ton of sweater and coat comments in my FB feed over the weekend from my friends up north.) One of the things that I love about summer is the fresh produce, farmer's market and being able to get great prices on fruits and veggies throughout the summer. One veggie in particular is usually easy to find at super low prices...zucchini. Zucchini … [Read more...]

Alea’s Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Lasagna

Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Lasagna Recipe (425x284)

My daughter says we "speed date" food because I love playing with ingredients and am constantly creating new recipes. My family becomes attached to certain recipes and wants me to make the same things over and over and over again. My daughter says that asking for spaghetti twice in one month is not asking for the same thing over and over again. :) It feels like it to me though, … [Read more...]

Cajun Chicken Fettuccine


This recipe is featured in the 21 Freezer Cooking Recipes from Costco Meal Plan #5. Here's a fun and zippy meal that your family is sure to enjoy. You can control the "heat" easily in this one...depending on your family's taste buds. This meal is hearty, filling and oh so was enjoyed by everyone at our dinner table! Here are a couple of helpful posts to … [Read more...]

Magda’s Chicken Noodle Vegetable Stoup

chicken noodle vegetable stoup 3

While there is a list of ingredients with this soup that is as thick as stew (hence the name stoup), you can substitute whatever you have in the fridge.  In Czech, this kind of dish is called "co dům dal" or "what the house gave" and its intent is to clean out your fridge of all those veggies that are about to go bad. This stoup, as with many soups and stews, is even better … [Read more...]