Fast Five Meals (20 Minutes or Less!) – Pinterest Board of the Month

  {Follow Erin on Pinterest!} So I still find myself in survival mode. Jim Gaffigan says..."having a 4th kid is like you're drowning and someone hands you a baby." While it might not be quite that bad... sometimes it feels that way. I keep my head above water most days...and on the days that it feels like I'm being pulled under come dinner time, I turn to my list of … [Read more...]

Lentil Stew with Pita Chips


{$5 Dinners - Rice and Beans Budget Board} I discovered lentils when we lived in the Dominican Republic. I don't think I'd eaten them ever in my life before moving down there. At first, I wasn't too sure about they way we cooked them while in the DR, they were still fairly bland. But I've since learned that if you give them enough flavor and mix in some delicious … [Read more...]

Pre-Thanksgiving Pantry Challenge – Our Meal Plan

Last Thursday night we ended up having leftovers. I had a meal plan in place for each night last week, but for some reason we had lots and lots of leftovers. So in an attempt to keep things from falling off the shelves in the refrigerator, we had leftovers...and I immediately made the decision that a pantry challenge was soon in order. I've still got some great produce … [Read more...]

When Life Gives You Craziness, Respond by Making…

{Imagine a countertop with 10 gallon size baggies. If you're curious, they look like this.} In order to prepare for all the craziness that will become my life in the next 4 weeks, I've decided to take the stress out of at least 1 area of my life...dinner. Between the contracts, earnest money checks, meetings, inspections, bubble wrap and packing tape, there's the last week … [Read more...]

Pantry Challenge Week & Meal Plan

It just took a quick look through the fridge, pantry and freezer to know that this week would be a pantry challenge week! We are fully stocked up with plenty of food to make it through the week. We've got what we need for grilling out a few meals, and enough for spaghetti and homemade pizza too. And the GF pizza crust and GF spaghetti that I ordered from came … [Read more...]