I Survived a Viral Blog Post ~ Plus Our Family’s Meal Plan for the Week


This past weekend/week, the 20 Meals from Costco for $150 blog post went viral, like 1 MILLION page views over the weekend. I thought it might break Facebook too, as it seemed to have just taken over. (Not really.) I'm grateful to my fabulous host for handling the surge without issue! This week is mostly a "pantry challenge week," as most of the ingredients for our meals, … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Plan – September 2011

monthly meal plan thumb

So.... It's been awhile sense I've shared a monthly meal plan. The last one I shared was at the beginning of May. Then the summer happened. And it happened faster than I could keep up.  Two week long trips...a wedding and hosting a blogging conference...and that was enough to make me fall off the bandwagon. Trips always through me for a loop with meal planning. The … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Plan – May 2011

May is always nuts. A gazillion end of the year school activities, Mother's Day, graduation festivities, and the start of wedding season with a number of friends getting married, the first of which were married this past Sunday.  This May for us looks a little like the previous sentence, plus T-ball practice and games. A food blogging conference in Atlanta. And my sister's … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Plan – April 2011

It's that time again! I really liked how I had the lists for New Recipes to Try and Old Favorites. It's enough of a plan and gives structure to dinner time, but I really appreciate the flexibility of it!  There were 6 recipes that I never did get made in March, so we'll carry them over to April :) Here's the list! New Recipes Apple Chicken Meatballs Pizza … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Plan – March 2011

Seriously y'all...these months keep flying by.  The days seem to be going faster (which is great news, because I need spring. desperately.) The kids won't stop growing. And with all these things happening so fast, I don't have time to not have a plan. Plans keep me sane. Keep me focused and keep me one step ahead of myself. (Which is the only way I can keep up with these … [Read more...]