It's a 'home week' this week...which I'm soaking up every minute, as next week begins a flurry of travel for me...NYC, Dallas, Tampa in 2 weeks. I'm planning on putting together some slow cooker packs for the freezer throughout the week and get prepared for the upcoming wacky schedule! Tonight or this afternoon, depending on how things go!, I'll be doing a live cooking demo … [Read more...]

The Spring Break Edition ~ Chase Family Meal Plan

It's spring break y'all. And we're having all kinds of fun this I'm going to keep this short... We started off with a BBQ bang. And we'll be doing make your own pizza night, as well as grilling burgers/dogs and s' a slow cooker meal or two. Now...I'm back to making sure the boys' don't hurt themselves as they bounce off the walls all day long … [Read more...]

Set Your DVRs Cuz I’ll be on The Rachael Ray Show THIS FRIDAY ~ Chase Family Meal Plan

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry

(Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry from my One Dish Dinners site.) So this week has been a little nutty. I'm in New York right now. About to head to the 'blowdry bar' to get my hair straightened...before I head to the set of Rachael Ray's morning show. (Yes, you read that right.) Stop reading right now and go set your DVRs for Friday morning. Check your local … [Read more...]

A Trip to New York & Some Exciting News to Share…Soon! ~ Plus The Chase Family Meal Plan

Y'all. I'm sorry to tease you with this...but I have exciting news to share with you...soon! It's taken every ounce of adrenaline induced energy I have to not spill all the deets yet, but I can't hardly stand to stay quiet anymore...soon...I promise, soon! It involves a trip to New York City for an amazing opportunity. That will involve you setting your DVRs. It's all … [Read more...]

I Had A Dream about Mangoes… ~ Chase Family Meal Plan

Last week I was traveling to a blogger's conference and while out and about, I saw on Instagram that a gal was working on her 20 Meals from Costco for $150 shopping and prepping experience and noticed that she had mangoes in her photo. I commented about how I wish my store had mangoes my kids eat them like candy and I usually have to buy 2-3 boxes at a time! Last … [Read more...]