Cyber Monday Sale on $5 Meal Plan Subscriptions – Up to 31% Off!!!

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Happy Cyber Monday friend! Whomever dreamt up Cyber Monday...I'd really like to give them a big ole smooch because...Who doesn't like shopping in the comfort of your own home? In your pajamas? ME! *raises hands wildly* A few months back, we launched a new meal planning service with weekly, semi-annual and annual subscription options! We've been blown away by the … [Read more...]

Special Savings on Holiday Bundles in the $5 Dinners Store!


Alright friend! The bundles are ready...a little early! With a special coupon code for TODAY ONLY! Now is THE TIME to get your hands on my e-cookbooks and meal plans! I've pulled together 3 different bundles with the different e-cookbooks and 20 Meals from Costco for $150 meal plans in the $5 Dinners store. These plans and e-cookbooks will never be priced lower and would make … [Read more...]

ON SALE NOW: The $5 Dinner Mom’s Ultimate Freezer Cooking Guide

Ultimate Freezer Cooking Guide |

Freezer saves the day for me so often. More times than I can count in the recent past. It's a sanity saver, a life saver and a huge money saver! It really is amazing how you can invest a little time upfront and then reap the rewards for weeks to come!  Over time, I've found myself answering the same questions about freezer cooking over and a blog … [Read more...]

The $5 Meal Plan Members AMAZE ME! See What They’ve Been Up To…


Can I share a few amazing things that are going on behind the scenes...that you might not know about? And tell you why you need to be a part of this? I often open up Facebook and sit there baffled by my new friends in our secret Facebook group for $5 Meal Plan members. I go through spurts on when and how I use my personal FB profile...I won't post for days...then I'll post 6 … [Read more...]

21 Gluten Free Freezer Meals from Costco for $150 That Will Rock Your Gluten Free World

Gluten Free 21 Meals from Costco Freezer Edition |

Y'all. Can we chat for a minute?! I am completely blown away by how much y'all love these plans. Seriously, THANK YOU for sharing these plans, buying the plans, emailing me, sharing on Instagram and Facebook and for whatever way you spread the word about these meal plans. I'm filled with gratitude and will continue to work hard to provide great meal plans for you....including … [Read more...]