NEW! 6-Week Vegetarian Meal Plan Available!!!

6 Week Vegetarian Meal Plan

We’re soooo excited and we just can’t hide it!!! The Vegetarian Meal Plan is finally available for you. Aviva, Jim and I are thrilled to share this with brand new 6-Week Vegetarian Meal Plan that we pulled together, just for you! We know how easy it is to get into a rut and make the same 10 things over and over and over and over….and over again. Yes, we know. The struggle is … [Read more...]

See How the Grocery Budget Makeover Will Change Your Life…

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My friend. Today I want to tell you about my new grocery budget makeover and how it will help you completely change the way you shop for you’ll be spending less time and money on groceries each week. Wahoooo and cha-CHING! I’ve put together everything I know about saving money on groceries and plugged it into a ‘makeover program’ that we’ll walk through … [Read more...]

20 Meatless School Lunch Ideas

20 Meatless School Lunch Ideas

It’s almost ready, I promise! The first ever Vegetarian Meal Plan here on $5 Dinners will be available in just a couple days. While we finish dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s, we thought we’d share this amazing list of 20 Meatless (School) Lunch Ideas with you. Wait Erin, who is ‘we’? I mentioned this the other day...that I’ve teamed up with Aviva Goldfarb … [Read more...]

And all my meatless friends rejoiced!!! {Free Download Below!}

SQUEEEEEE!!! For the first time ever here on $5 Dinners, we are offering a vegetarian meal plan!!! I have teamed up with my good friend Aviva Goldfarb from The Six O’Clock Scramble to bring you this amazing ‘every day is meatless Monday’ meal plan. Aviva has oodles of mouthwatering vegetarian recipes in her database and we’ve pulled together all the best ones and put them … [Read more...]

Erin’s 2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day is just around the corner and I've got a few great ideas for the moms in your life. If you're a fellow mom, email this link to your spouse and give him a big - wink, wink, hint, hint - and just tell him what you see on the list that you want! 1. Grocery Budget Makeover Registration! It'll be available on Monday, May it'll be a slightly delayed … [Read more...]