Adding a healthy homemade snack to your lunch may be the perfect treat for the day!  What’s better than homemade snack?  One that includes chocolate like these Homemade Granola Bars!  Head on over to Balancing Beauty & Bedlam for this complete recipe!

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Grilled Cheese Rolls- Lunchbox Inspiration

by Kristy on October 22, 2012

The kids will love these Grilled Cheese Rolls and so will you!  These will be perfect for lunch served with a dipping sauce too.  Head on over to Once a Month Mom for the complete recipe!


You may be thinking “Really, freezing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? How long does it take to make a pb&j?” But having a freezer full of already made sandwiches is a huge lifesaver for me on those crazy mornings. I typically make a whole loaf of sandwiches at a time. The key to a good […]


Make a tasty cup of macaroni and cheese in an instant and without buying it in a box!  Simply heat this up in the microwave and serve with a sandwich.  This easy recipe can be found over on Babble!


Cantina Bell – Expect the Unexpected

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on October 11, 2012

Well, there’s another quick food option that I can add to our list…Cantina Bell, the new menu items from Taco Bell. Taco Bell has just released their new higher-quality, real ingredient based menu that’s perfect for a quick, low cal meal on the run. The new Cantina Bell menu is something you are not gonna […]


Coconut Quinoa Salad- Lunchbox Inspiration

by Kristy on October 8, 2012

Are you looking for a healthy lunch idea?  If so, then check out this Coconut Quinoa Salad!  This is also a great gluten free dish, head on over to Party Bluprints Blog for the complete recipe.


A good way to spruce up lunchtime plus incorporate veggies into lunch is with this Chicken Nugget Mac and Cheese Casserole!  This is a great way to make a kid friendly lunch that the whole family will enjoy.  Head over to Crazy Adventures in Parenting to find the complete recipe!


Pepperoni Pizza Puffs- Lunchbox Inspiration

by Kristy on September 24, 2012

These little Pepperoni Pizza Puffs will make the perfect addition to send with your children in their lunch or even in your own!  To find this complete recipe head on over to Lick the Bowl Good.


Lunchbox Freezer Cooking: Frozen Fruit Cups

by Dana S on September 18, 2012

It’s only been two weeks into our school year and I am already finding myself in a lunchbox rut. Freezer cooking to the rescue! Every month, I plan to try a lunch box friendly recipe and share my results. This month I choose Frozen Fruit Cups to try. These healthy cups are full of fresh […]


Homemade Uncrustables- Lunchbox Inspiration

by Kristy on September 17, 2012

Making uncrustables at home just takes a few short minutes and can save you extra money if you avoid buying them at the store.  Check out these easy tips to making these over on Kids Kuisine.