Magda’s Banana Oatmeal Squares

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My son started back to school in August and that meant making these yummy Banana Oatmeal Squares. Luckily, I had a bunch of very overripe bananas on hand so it was a great way to use those (I also freeze overripe bananas to use in recipes). I did hit one snag and here is a general cooking hint (and one I usually follow): check to see if you have all the ingredients you need … [Read more...]

Lunchbox Freezer Cooking: Frozen Fruit Cups

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It's only been two weeks into our school year and I am already finding myself in a lunchbox rut. Freezer cooking to the rescue! Every month, I plan to try a lunch box friendly recipe and share my results. This month I choose Frozen Fruit Cups to try. These healthy cups are full of fresh fruit with a little orange juice. Verdict: They are delicious! However, they melted … [Read more...]