Can we talk for a minute? #fightfattalk


Can we talk for a minute? Maybe 2 or 3 minutes. I'm surprised with myself on this one. Specifically how passionate I just am on this topic. It came to a bubbling surface a few weeks ago when a friend shared a clip from The Doctors show. The segment was mostly talking about women and how our bodies bounce back (or rather how they don't!) after pregnancy and birth. A … [Read more...]

Healthy (REAL Food) Meals on a Food Stamp Budget {Guest Post}

WholesomeMommys Healthy Real Food Meals on a Food Stamp Budget

Last week I announced that I would be taking on a major challenge on my blog called, “REAL Food on a Food Stamp Budget.” The basic idea is that I won’t be purchasing processed foods, only REAL foods and that I’ll be packing in a lot of things that aren’t normally synonymous with a low income, things like organic dairy and antibiotic free chicken. What’s more … [Read more...]

Chase Family Thanksgiving Week ~ #bloxadventures #winterbricks #chalkpastels

minecraft cover final

So I was going to try to pull all my turkeys together for a photograph, but then decided that I'd rather save those "mommy points" and bribery notices for the big Christmas card photo that will have to happen at some point this week. Likely, as soon as their shirts come in. I'm all about the "let's get it over with" philosophy this year. Sigh. Yesterday, I rocked the savings … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Making Organic Meat More Affordable {Guest Post}


This is a guest post from Tara Wagner, cofounder and creator of Sustainable Baby Steps: Small Steps Toward Greener Living. Probably the most common complaint I hear when it comes to eating healthier, supporting sustainable agriculture, and avoiding genetically modified or corporate owned foods is the cost of organic food, particularly the cost of meat. It can easily run … [Read more...]