100 Days of Real Food Cookbook ~ Giveaway!

100 Days of Real Food Cookbook

Morning friend! I wanted to let you know that my dear friend Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food has published a 'real food bible' and you must check it out! A few year back, Lisa and her family took on a challenge of eating only real food (nothing processed, read the rules here) for 100 days and then shared the challenge. She breaks it down into 10 day mini challenges on … [Read more...]

31 Days Series – An Update! (You’re gonna wanna read this!)

Happy Labor Day Friend!  Our family had a wonderful weekend in the DFW area, attending my alma mater's football game, going to our 4th Lego KidsFest and of course, visiting with lots of friends and family! I don't have a recipe for you today...because I've been on the road all weekend...so I thought I'd give you a bit of a summary and an update! In May, I started the … [Read more...]

Five 5-­Minute Breakfast Recipes {Guest Post}

avocado sandwich fast breakfast recipes

This is a guest post by Amanda Martin from Full Plate Living. Are you excited for the slower schedules that come with summer days? If you’ve got little ones like Erin and I do, the days still stay pretty full. And my family wakes up starving! So I’ve had to come up with meals that get us to the breakfast table quickly. These Five 5­-Minute Breakfast Recipes are milk free … [Read more...]

Campfire Crescent Dogs & Our Campout Last Weekend

Camping Swimming

Last weekend (not this past weekend), our family went on a campout to Inks Lake State Park a few hours north of San Antonio with our scout pack. I wanted to share these last week, as I knew I'd have some time to get the photos together and onto the site on my flight to New York last Monday...BUT...I completely forgot to grab the memory card from my camera before I left the … [Read more...]

Free Printable Goals Tracker & Free Registration at Knowledge Universe Open House Events!

Grow Happy Goals Tracker

Do you set family goals?  Steve and I are both very active 'goal setters' for all the areas of our lives. We have our personal goals, our parenting goals, our financial goals and we've started including the boys in our 'family meetings,' where we talk about our week, our schedule and what things we're wanting to do more of each week. The boys' goals are simple, but what's … [Read more...]