My Friend Cherie & Brian Paid Off $127,000+ in Debt!!! #SlayDebt

Slaying the Debt Dragon Book

Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After. Do you know my friend Cherie from Queen of Free? If you don't, let me introduce you to her. She's the Queen of Free (literally, she has a crown and all!) and she and her husband paid of $127,000+ in debt in 4 years. Here...why don't you pull up a chair? Let's … [Read more...]

Happy New Year! 2015 Goals for $5 Dinners {And “The Word of the Year!”}

FOCUS - 2015 Word of the Year

So I'm not a believer in resolutions in the new year. I am however a believer in goals. SMART goals, that is. I write them for myself weekly in a number of categories to help me stay focused and moving forward. The categories are personal, parenting, fitness, home & kitchen, business, & ministry goals. On the same page, I also include the anticipated weekly expenses … [Read more...]

New Site: For Every Mom Plus My Holiday Entertaining Guide for Free


My friend, Jenny, is an editor for a fantastic new site that is much needed in today's society!  So, I'm joining her in the big launch to help promote this great new mom site: is a place to go online where you can get the essentials of motherhood - Jesus, Laughter, Community, and really awesome Parenting tips. This is a place where we’ll all in it together: … [Read more...]

6 Tips for More Effective Grocery Shopping

6 Tips for More Effective Grocery Shopping |

Dave Daniels writes about smart shopping and tips for frugal living especially when it comes to costs in the kitchen. Most people don't get overly excited about their weekly trip to the grocery store, but instead of trudging through the task, learn to make it better. Use these tips to speed up the experience and save some cash. You might actually learn to enjoy shopping for … [Read more...]