Flying Extreme Superhero Toy – Holiday Giveaway

Did someone say "remote control" toy? Did someone say "remote control flying" toy? Did someone say "remote control flying superhero" toy? That right there folks is this mama's dream gift. I have 3 little boys (8, 6, & 4) who are enamored with this RCFS toy. Flying Iron Man RC Extreme Hero has been considered a "must-have" toy this holiday season, and I totally get … [Read more...]

Omnisax Reusable Bags – Holiday Giveaway

omnisax giveaway

So I'm totally getting these for my mom. She loves bright colors, she loves bags and she's always toting something around for it groceries or a gift for someone, or a pile of things that the boys left at her house over the weekend. She is one of those "has it all" people and these are a perfect gift for her, as they are practical, they wear well and I know they … [Read more...]

Wii Games – Holiday Giveaway

Wii Sing Pop Giveaway

Alright all you Wii fans and wanna be pop stars...these are for you! Nordic Games is giving away a 2 pack of their most popular games...We Sing Pop! and We Sing 80s. I'm not sure which I'm more excited about... We Sing Pop! Get moving and dancing with the fun songs and videos from today's biggest pop artists! The first singing series to feature four singers at the same … [Read more...]

$100 Dayspring Gift Card – Holiday Giveaway

dayspring holiday gift card giveaway

I love having people in my home. I love talking with them, hearing their stories and "doing life" with them. Friends and family make my world go 'round, and I love being able to have them in my home. This holiday season, we have several gatherings planned and we are hosting family for Christmas this year too. I am thrilled to be adding several items from the Redeemed and … [Read more...]

VeggieTales Gift Pack – Holiday Giveaway

veggie tales giveaway

Tyler helped me open this box. Poor thing thought that he would find a birthday present inside. (He turned 4 on Saturday. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he's already 4.) Instead he found a book...not only about Veggie Tales, but also about Christmas. He asked if it could be a birthday present anyways, and I said, "Sure!" He loves his new book and we've … [Read more...]