Sleep Sheep & Twilight Turtle from Cloud B – Holiday Giveaway

Cloud B Giveway

Y'all. My older guys are flipping out over this turtle. When we lived in OH, we had a red one. And I have no idea what happened, but it was one of the few things that never resurfaced after the move to Texas. When they got home from school and saw the turtle on the counter, they started going banana-bonkers. I'm not sure if it's the walk down memory lane, or that they get to … [Read more...]

$100 Tupperware Gift Card – Holiday Giveaway

$100 Tupperware Gift Card Giveaway

Oh yes...we're giving away a gift card to Tupperware. What you see above is the pumpkin bread...made with the Tupperware Pumpkin Quick bread mix, the saucy spatula to mix up the batter, and of course, cooked in their new loaf pan. Verdict: Delicious. Made this and served it at a recent church community group night hosted at our house. Gone in minutes. Kids were asking for … [Read more...]

Formula 409 Baking & Clean Up Gift Basket – Holiday Giveaway

409 Giveaway

The holidays are a great time to make a mess in the kitchen! From baking with the whole family to holiday parties, this is the time of year where the kitchen has a sticky splotch on the floor from brownie batter or gravy. The messy aftermath of gatherings and parties can be a real drag. Did you know that over 50% of Americans said they would entertain more if they didn't have … [Read more...]

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit & Goodie Bag – Holiday Giveaway


So last week I was in Altanta for less than 24 hours...18 hours really...just enough time to sleep, wake up, get dressed, film a news segment and head back to the airport. Anywho, I packed my favorite teal sweater as I knew it would be cold in Atlanta that day and thankfully also grabbed a few things from the Hollywood Fashion Secrets goodie bag that was sitting on the shelf in … [Read more...]