Early August Garden Harvest


Cucumbers and tomatoes (5 different varieties pictured here...Golden Girl, Big Boy, Tigerella, and I forget the other 2! Plus the mini-mini tomatoes that I snack on while watering the garden!)...that's what's mainly coming out of my garden right now. I'm also picking herb leaves, just about everyday for whatever concoction I have happening in the kitchen that day. And I've also … [Read more...]

Grilled Pizza with Chicken, Avocado and Tomatoes – Friday Night Bite


I made this pizza on Wednesday afternoon. The same afternoon I made some whole wheat, sugar free muffins (I will share the recipe as soon as I can make them again...I need to get my hands on some more sucanat first!). The afternoon I was feeling pioneer-ish! My neighbor was over and our kids were playing around the yard. We were catching up, talking about the upcoming school … [Read more...]

Grilled Chicken with Cucumber-Pineapple Salsa – Grow. Eat. $ave.


Up next on the Grow. Eat. $ave. calendar for this year is cucumbers. I've had more cucumbers in my kitchen in the last 2 weeks than I know what to do with...both from my garden, and from a friend's garden. I've been enjoying them on salads, as well as soaked in balsamic vinegar with some kosher salt and pepper (nom, nom, nom!). And last night I tried this cucumber pineapple … [Read more...]

How to Seed and Dice a Cucumber

how to dice a cucumber 4

I like cucumbers. I like their crisp. Their crunch.  Sometimes I like the seeds...say, for sliced cucumbers on top of a salad. Other times, I don't like the seeds. For those times when the seeds have got to go, this is what it looks like! Cut off the ends. Slice in half lengthwise. Using a spoon, run it down the middle, scooping out the seeds. Slice the … [Read more...]