Tricia’s Slow Cooker Vegetables Feed the Larger Family


As we head into the summer months, my beloved slow cooker switches into high gear. See, I try and avoid using the oven if at all possible, so the slow cooker gets a lot of use. We all know you can save money and feed many by serving garden vegetables. One way I save is by having veggie night once a week. And sometimes the slow cooker helps me out. All I do is rinse and slice … [Read more...]

The Strawberries are Running…


The first year I planted our single strawberry plant, we had a few berries. The next year, we got one runner plant that took up resident right next to the original plant. Last year, we had 3 or 4 more runner plants. And this year, the runners have taken over the little plot that they are in. In the past I've planted green beans there, both bush and vine varieties. But this … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Herb Garden {Camilla Styles}

mason jar herbs

Love this idea for those with no much space, or those who want to keep it simple but still grow herbs in their kitchen. Position near a window in some direct sunlight to keep them growing and growing. And if you decide to take them outside, you could transfer them into a larger pot or planter or into the ground. Camille Styles shares the step by step to make this Mason Jar … [Read more...]